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"In 2016 we carried out 350 events with a total of 18.773 participants."
Joachim Grittmann, CEO of BITOU GmbH

12 reasons for BITOU


Only with BITOU: Frequently new, innovative events

Every year we come up with new, exciting events that are exclusive to BITOU. For example:  

We were the first nationwide to offer Geocaching as a team event for companies. From that, we developed Geocaching Strategy, a Geocaching-offspring that can be individually tailored to your time schedule, as well as the Mobile Team Challenge (starting off with the mobile phones). This, in turn, was the foundation for our TAB Team Challenge and Company League. 

All our can also be found under company outings and team events.


Events all year round

Nearly all of our events can be carried out at any time of the year, allowing you to choose from a great selection all year round. 


Anywhere you wish

No distance too far: We offer events in Germany and around Europe, and in a variety of locations; in your company space, your conference hotel or any other location of your choice.

Due to our long-standing experience we have partners in many different locations. This allows us to draw on a vast number of event locations, with one probably not far from you!


Safety first

All our events have undergone a thorough risk-assessment, therefore keeping any risk for you and your colleagues at a minimum. Of course our project leaders also receive regular trainings in first-aid procedures. 


We speak many languages

All our events can be offered in German and English. Other languages, like for example French and Spanish, are also possible.  


Large and small groups

From 4 to 1000 participants; we have suitable events for all group sizes. And of course the experience to go with it. 


Bad-weather option

If you have planned an outdoor-event but bad weather is at the horizon – don’t worry! Our bad-weather option provides a safe indoor alternative.


Always up-to-date

Stay well-informed with our regular newsletter. 


Team building inclusive

All our events have a team building character. You will find that even events, which focus on simply having a good time, will have a positive impact on your team. 



We communicate the content and structure of our events clearly, so that you know what to expect. Our clear structures ensure that your event runs smoothly before, during, and after the event.  


Happy and qualified staff

We know that qualified and content employees organise better events. Our 20 permanent employees receive regular training, both individually in workshops and through coaching, as well as collectively through team building events. 



BITOU has been successfully carrying out team trainings and team events since 2004.

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