Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

Like a discount store, employer branding is set from the beginning


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Starting situation

Our customers – a discount store with around 1890 branches in south and west Germany – begins each year with multiple hundreds of new apprentices. And the employer branding starts right at the beginning! Part of it is the apprenticeship challenge that BITOU carries out for 30 discounter stores in different cities within 8 weeks. The results of the individual apprenticeship teams are completely comparable with each other. Despite the distance, the apprenticeship challenge becomes a massive team event.

Setting aims

The aim of the event is to make a good start in the company possible, and to create a team together – and to have fun! The results of the apprenticeship challenge from different cities are posted online and compared with each other. The three best teams receive prize money from their employer (of course, for joint use), and an attractive material prize with the company logo.
Through this, the positive connection to the company is strengthened. All participants receive a certificate and with this, feel part of a team and the bigger picture.


The apprentices begin the special day with an indoor quiz in small teams. Picture puzzles, guessing games and crime scene analysis… everyone can contribute their knowledge and talents. The tasks are developed by BITOU with the company and include questions about the company.

Joint strengthening during the lunch break also belongs to team building and getting to know each other, much like the active parts of the outdoor TAB challenge which is awaiting the participants in the afternoon. After many different missions and team tasks, the teams meet again at the location for a prize ceremony.


The apprentices get to know their colleagues in a special way and develop a community feeling which secures a perfect start for their education. The connection to the company and their colleagues is a safe framework for the young people. The aim of the company is to transfer the team thought into every day life. The talents of every single person are very important! The best results can be achieved in a team. This is what the participants learn in a playful way, and they can integrate this into the course of their apprenticeship.

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