Free Head and Full of Energy

Free Head and Full of Energy

How the Haka team event for Tui sets free power and ideas

Every year, the sales agencies of mid/south TUI Germany GmbH put on a multiple day convention for their sales agency managers. Through this, TUI aims to get the colleagues out of daily business and create a positive, non-daily community experience. The participants know each other and have already experienced many different team events such as canoeing or exploring mine sites together.


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Permanent changes such as digitalisation for example, increase the demands of travel agencies. The work in travel agencies is becoming quicker and demands ever shorter reaction times. This requires the creation of new processes and to increase the collaboration within the organisation.

The team event should show ways how you can emotionally prepare colleagues for difficult tasks, which bring personal resources of individuals to the forefront and grow the persistence of the teams.


For this, an ancient ritual from the Maori from New Zealand has been chosen. Through the Haka, the sales leaders really experienced being in a team and became emotionally prepared for the upcoming new challenges and changes.

The Haka is a dance which is performed by the legendary rugby team the “All Blacks” in the stadium before big games, and has become world famous. The aim of the dance is to strengthen their own self confidence and fighting spirit and to unmistakably express the drive for success: with energy loaded movements along with gestures, mimes and voices.


The TUI team has studied the dance step by step, the body language and the lyrics.
In order to also understand the traditional meaning and the psychological background of the ritual, extensive information units, partner work and feedback rounds have been built into the team training.

The highlight is the joint performance, which makes the hall shake. With stick-on tattoos in Maori design, the participants signal optically an impressive sign of solidarity.


The team experiences with all senses which powers are awakened by the Haka, and feel the unbelievable energy of this ancient ritual. In addition, ideas have been developed on how the lessons learned can be integrated into everyday life.

The participants proudly photographed themselves in their Haka poses and had their Maori tattoos on show even the day after at the convention.

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