The Company League Tab Team Challenge is an exciting progression from the standard TAB Team Challenge. It fits perfectly as a company trip or alongside program. The challenge guarantees cool games, fun and excitement. It offers the unique opportunity to compare yourself to other companies with the help of a ranking system. It is also possible to compare your performance within your company. Various divisions or branches of your company can compete against each other.

A different city management, which strengthens your team feeling!

  • outdoor
  • 12 - 3,000
  • 2 to 2,5 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe

Event pictures


Many tab spots await you in the Company League Tablet Team Challenge. The starting and ending points are located in each city at given coordinates. Around these points you and your team will encounter different questions, missions and team activities. The goal is to collect as many points as possible. To achieve this, you could use different tactics. Tablet spots located further give more points than those with closer reach.

Each team member is important, for strategy, knowledge and creativity are equally on demand. Each team will be constantly challenged, the communication within the team will improve and the trust in each one will be strengthened. 

What is special about this exciting team event

The points collected and pictures taken will be proved and evaluated by our staff after the team event and introduced directly into the ranking system. In the score table at you and your team will be able to compare yourself team work wise with other companies.


  • Unique tablet game for your company city league
  • A roadbook per team with all important information
  • Fix start and end coordinates
  • 60 points with city specific riddles, incl. additional information on touristic places and special spots
  • 10 photo missions
  • 2 multicaches (the cache includes follow-up coordinates)
  • 3 QR Code Missions with tricky riddles
  • 3 discount vouchers in selected coffee shops, exclusively for your teams
  • At least 3 missions that appear suddenly when entering a specific area
  • Activities that can be enabled after reaching a game time or a specific score
  • Each team will be composed of 2 to 10 members (it’s up to you)
  • Entry into the company league online ranking
  • Optional: own company log in
  • Winning opportunity: The best teams per city, as well as Germany wide and Switzerland wide, are rewarded on a yearly basis
  • Internet independent software and tablets for lease
  • A guide which will explain the game and can be consulted throughout the exercise
  • Staff expenses, as well as transport of the guide is included
  • Company specific design: your logo and company color will be shown throughout the game
  • Optional: Winning ceremony
  • Optional: Small talk session at the end: you will take a look at the picture and results

Duration: 2 - 2,5 hours, 2 hours of it playtime   
Location availability: EU wide and Switzerland: we come to your preferred place
Language: German, English    
Price: We would be delighted to make you an individual offer. Just call us or send us an email 
Booking availability: throughout the year

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