This company trip will allow you and your team to discover your favorite city

…with loads of fun, exciting treasures and challenging riddles.

We offer you an unforgettable “city tour” in a very singular way.

  • outdoor
  • 10 - 3,000
  • 1 to 6 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 29,- €

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City tours can also be exciting and filled with experiences. If you want that your employees experience your favorite city in a very intensive way while having fun, opt for BITOU Geocaching City.

The tour leads the participants to popular touristic places as well as secret tips. The “treasures” in a city are almost exhaustless. Everyone can participate. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible with your team to obtain the victory. The lengthy experience of BITOU guarantees exciting caches. The GPS gadgets will help the teams to determine the cardinal directions. The strategy towards the goal is to be defined by the team.

Get to know a city with all its facets and, together with your team, experience fun and enjoy the creativity to find new ways: these are experiences that your employees will take home after the event. Prepared with a GPS receiver and the coordinates we send up to 1000 participants to an exciting treasure hunt in the city. Our experienced trainers will accompany your coworkers at all times.

Successful team events are our specialty!


  • Extensive advice, complete organization and competent execution will be provided by trained BITOU employees, trainer and guides: you can rely on the great outcome and success of the event
  • Lease of GPS gadgets incl. accessories as well as a camera (one per team)
  • Each team will receive a roadbook
  • Fix start and end coordinates
  • Location scouting
  • Min. 50 cache points with general and specific riddles (each team goes through as many caches as possible)
  • Transport, as well as staff expenses are included
  • Final feedback
  • Optional: firm specific riddle

Depending on the variation

  • Team work promoting game station (water pause, pipeline, arrange letters)
  • Culinary station (e.g. a delicious fish sandwich in Hamburg, etc.)
  • QR Code Missions with small riddles
  • Segway parkours

Duration: 1 - 6 hours, per your desire  
Group size: 10 - 3,000 participants   
Location availability: EU wide and Switzerland
Language: German, English
Price: starting at € 29
The price depends on the number of participants, date and availability. This is a price example for a group of 100 persons attending in the low season.
Booking availability: throughout the year

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