A Maori ritual that really cheers on the team spirit during your event!

Experience the goosebumps feeling when your entire team bundles its energies, expresses unexpected powers and the will to win powerfully.

  • indoor
  • 10 - 3000
  • 0.5 - 1.5 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 29,- €

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Haka is a ceremonial dance from the Maoris. The strength in the team is awakened and aligned to a common goal. With body, voice and facial expression the team expresses unmistakably and loudly the will to succeed at this energetic team event.

This breathtaking dance became popular since the New Zealand rugby team performed it in a match. They attempt to intimidate their adversaries with this dance and to gain their respect. Haka shows impressively the strength of a community and therefore it is gaining popularity all over the world.

Haka is all about what makes a team a team: It is about the identity of each of the members with the whole group! Each individual connects with the group by clapping and stamping in rhythm. At the same time each dancer gives the Haka with body, voice and emotions the individual expression, takes the pose of a winner, strengthens his self-confidence and brings full commitment for the team.

The Haka Team Event is suitable for small and large groups. As a kickoff is the Haka dance just perfect to awake new energy. Haka strengthens the “we” feeling, which makes it a great team building event. Experience new motivation, an intensive team feeling and a strong fellowship. These spiritual values inspire you to translate these feelings into daily collaboration.




Main goals:

  • Promote and strengthen team collaboration
  • Pool energy
  • Encourage vigor, strength and security of each individuum in the collective


Duration: 0.5 - 1.5 hours 
Group size: 10 - 3,000 participants 
Location availability: EU wide and Switzerland: we come to your preferred place.
Language: German, English  
Price: starting at € 29
The price depends on the number of participants, date and availability. This is a price example for a group of 100 persons attending in the low season.
Booking availability: throughout the year


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