Vision-Painting - The unknown energy of paintings

Ideal for kick-off meeting to start the new year: Which values does your team generate for the new year? Which images do your employees have in mind? What will be expressed besides oral communication? 

The BITOU Vision-Painting awakes creative forces and brings secret ideas on canvas. With long-term effect: the paintings will be photographed and we will create and exclusive photo calendar for your team.  With it visions will be present the whole upcoming year! And the original paintings might find a new place in your meeting room...


  • indoor
  • 8 - 200
  • 2-4 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 79,- €

Event Bilder

The goals

  • Generate visions
  • Boost creativity
  • Evolve picture language

  • Illustrate unknown information
  • Enjoyment caused by creative design
  • Artistic freedom: Open end


An artist will give your team an inspiring introduction in the world of colours and picture language. Short artistic warmups motivate the participants and help to express own ideas, perceptions and feelings. 

We provide colours, sponges, glue, scaper, colour addings and all items a professional studio includes.

When logic changes, intuition begins

Discover the artful potential of your team and and see how much enthusiasm the participants can integrate into their work. While drawing the participants communicate on another level and evolve a sensible interdependent treatment. 

„Art frees you soul from the dust of your daily routine“

Of course all additive aid can be used to design your individual painting. Let yourself surprise which artwork will be created from your workmates together.

A vernissage at the end of the event is the highlight, when teams are able to present their artwork. 

At the end we photograph the art and generate a calendar. You team keeps a memory from the event that will last for the whole year!


  • Realization of the event everywhere (indoor)
  • Assistance of an artist
  • Allocation of the required materials (blank christmas tree balls, colour, paintbrush, effect material, cover material, protective clothing)
  • One picture calendar for each person (wall calendar with month view)
  • Composition and decomposition of the painting station
  • Extensive advice, complete organization and competent execution will be provided by trained BITOU employees, trainer and guides: you can rely on the great outcome and success of the event
  • Locationscouting 
  • Transport, as well as staff expenses are included; eventual accommodation expenses would be borne by you
  • Food is provided
  • Final feedback

Additional services

  • Inspiration from musical artists (We bring the stereo with one)
  • Spraywokshop with introduction to spay techniques
  • Packing and transport of paintings to your company
  • Optional: video documentation

Duration: 2-4 hours, depends on your desire

Team size:6 to 500 participants

Location availability: EU wide and Switzerland: we come to your preferred place.

Language: German, English  

The price depends on the number of participants, date and availability. This is a price example for a group of 100 persons attending in the low season.

Booking availability: throughout the year

We are happy to help!

Your BITOU-team

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