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You have questions and are interested in our events in Hessen, Thuringia and Saxonie?

We are on site for you in Darmstadt and would gladly come to your desired location. 


Darmstadt establishment (Hesse)

Wittichstraße 5
64295 Darmstadt

We'll be right with you. We gladly visit you at your company in Hesse or Thuringia.


Julian Höpken
(Establishment administration Hesse)
Tel. +49 6151 - 2765855

E-Mail: kontakt-hessen@bitou.de

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"I look forward to meeting you"
Julian Höpken, establishment administration

We are happy to help!

Your BITOU-team

Our assortment is great: If you wish to find the right event for your team, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our qualified and experienced BITOU team is happy to help:

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