Pool the views and ideas of 12 to 2,000 participants

If you knew what your company knows! Countless detailed information and ideas are in the mind of each single employee. Digital World Café is a tool which allows you to to use the knowledge of each participant efficently and focused on the different items. Components can be linked and combined in new ways. In one afternoon you can work on a project beyond the usual boundaries of departments. 

Product development, procurement, sales, management, logistics... You can already consider all areas of your company in the planning stages. Not only that, but staff who participate from the very beginning are motivated, and can contribute to the success of the transition processes.

  • indoor
  • 12 - 2,000
  • 1 - 4 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe

Advantages For You

  • Moderation and support during the process of change
  • Efficient information gathering
  • All your staff can be included

  • Cooperation and exchange of opinions
  • Transparency and immediate results
  • Expedient due to its clear structure

Agenda: Digital World Café

The Digital World Café is generally designed just as before, the only difference is that we now capture information by using tablets instead of paper. 

Our workflow, simplified: A presenter by BITOU explains how the Digital World Café works and what the rules are. Participants are placed in groups of 4 – 6 people. Each group is assigned a table, and must select a “host”. During a discussion, questions will be handled and the answers will be written down on a tablet. After one session the group moves on to a different table. Only the chosen “host” remains at the same table the whole time, connecting each group’s insights over the different sessions.


Duration: 1 - 4 hours, as required
No. of participants: 12 - 2,000
Location: Entire EU and Switzerland: we are happy to come to your preferred location.
Language: German, English
Price: upon request
Prices depend on the number of participants, the date, and availability.
Bookable: all year

Services For You: Digital World Café

  • pre-event briefing in which we can discuss your company’s desired topics and questions for the Digital World Café
  • workflow and digital integration of your questions and information elements (images, graphics, videos)
  • moderation by our professional team trainers
  • trained BITOU coaches and guides will give a thorough consultation, organise the event, and carry it out completely.
  • location scouting 
  • Any expenses incurred by the staff are included, except accommodation expenses.
  • follow-up discussion    


Additional Services

  • professional photography/video recording of the event
  • professional feedback from our team coaches


Additional Components

  • Future City 4.0
  • digital game-based learning
  • TAB 4.0
  • Keynote Speech

Tip: Combine Digital World Cafe with these building blocks:

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