Impetus Lecture - a term that is seen everywhere, but what does it actually mean? What makes it special compared to "normal" lectures? An Impetus Lecture has the goal to give a quick and pushing input in the most concise and fun way possible. The lecture was a success if every participant leaves the room inspired and happy.

Let your audience enjoy this special treat, loosen up your event and give input in the right direction.

Our speakers are experienced and certified trainers that love performing on stage. Seeing a spark in people's eyes is their biggest reward. Every speaker talks about their biggest passions demonstrated through moving and precious pictures. Through the psychological background of being a trainer, the lectures are able to reach a deep level and touch people in a special way.

Get inspired, be surprised and travel along on this wonderful journey.


Possible topics for an Impetus Lecture:

  • Overcoming inner hurdles - Transalpine with a trekking bike
  • Global motivation - Travelling around the world and its effects
  • Basketball - Jumping up together as a team