A positive and moving start is irreplaceable. Be it the begin of a new year for business, the start of a project or the formation of a new team - use the spark of new beginnings and guide all the potential it bears in the right direction.

Experienced leaders know and value that powerful and strengthening effect a Kick-Off Event has and grant it to their teams.

With freshly formed teams the first focus lies on getting comfortable with each other and getting to know each other. Initial reserve is a natural human process. The best and interesting way to get closer with your colleagues is by experiencing positive and fun events together. Imagine how much building a raft together connects, especially when afterwards being tested on the water and everyone being able to return back on save ground dry and happy. Feeling unity is the magic word - not just at the beginning.

With every new year in a business new, highly demanding goals are to be reached. An official start and a shared direction to the common goal are indispensable. Every single employee is put in the same boat and is able to push his/her personal goals next to matching it with the common one.

Additionally to defining a precise goal as a team the development of a long term common vision is an undefeatable source of motivation.

Content and Services

Content that will be transmitted

  • Getting closer to each other through intensive and fun methods
  • Creating a strong team-vision
  • Theoretical input on motivation
  • Coaching methods on the topics of values and motivation
  • Communicating or reevaluating team-goals
  • Working together on the rules cooperation

For who is this training absolutely perfect?

For everyone

  • that is part of a newly put together team
  • in a team with a new leader
  • wanting to start their new year in business or a new project with fresh energy

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