Kick Off 2022 – begin as a team, all pulling together

There is a magical element to every beginning. Anyone who has looked over a silent, foggy landscape on the morning New Year’s Day knows that. And also those people who have experienced an energy loaded euphoric mood before a holiday or moving house. Beginning, warm up, origin, kick-off, change of strategy, recruiting, company fusion, start of a project, beginning a new business year: every kind of new beginning has its own energy. At our kick-off team events, we transmit this energy with the suitable team building elements and an individual presentation for your team.

Why a team event at the start of the year or when beginning new projects?

Experienced managers know about the powerful effect of a kick off team event. The occasions for them are different, but the motivation is similar:

  • Develop or work out strategies together so that they can be carried out by the majority of the team
  • Pass on information in a timely manner so that team members can understand decisions made throughout the course of the year
  • Establish roles in time so that new projects can run smoothly and everyone can pull together
  • Use the contemplative calmness when beginning a new year to bring teams back together and get them ready for a new year

The kick off 2022 – why now?

We are all leaving an unusual 2021 behind us. Many teams have learnt how to communicate in a completely new way, how to cooperate over distances. Leadership and trust has been raised to a completely new level in many instances. The image of “New York” that scientists have predicted for decades seems to have become suddenly true for the large majority.

Now, there is a completely new project laying before all of us: how can and do we want to work together in the future? How will we manage to create the team spirit, despite the physical distance which could be here to stay? What can sustainably remain positive? How do we prepare for possible further changes 2022 could bring us?

Our kick-off team events directly address these questions which are affecting your team. Depending on your wish, we will design an inspirational, energy-loaded, constructive team event for you.

Which possibilities does BITOU offer?

We will support you with the concept and the planning of your kick-off team event. Depending on how comprehensive the program should be and your capacity, there are two possibilities:

  1. You develop the framework program for your team event yourself and book one of our proven active events – you are very welcome to be advised over the phone
  2. We plan the kick-off team event together with you, and if desired, take care ofthe presentation and the search for a location

What is the advantage of professional accompaniment by BITOU?

  • In managerial roles, or roles in which you are responsible for personal, you are also part of the team process. Through the professional planning and presentation from BITOU, you can completely dive in. In addition, you also receive a valuable view on your team from the outside looking in.
  • Our team trainers are especially trained to allow facts to be experienced emotionally. They convey topics that are difficult to grasp for many people, in an illustrative and impressionable manner. In this way, individuals are able to experience what “Work 4.0” means, and what it needs “collaboration” or “communicative behaviour” for.

These active parts are appropriate for the kick off team event

Adventure Everest Online
120 -200 minutes

Adventure Everest Online

What adventurer doesn’t dream about climbing Mount Everest? Your team has the unique chance to do this in this online simulation. However, the catch: your time is limited, the resources are scarce – and will the weather be on your side? The only thing …
Virtual Escape Game – Beat The Hacker
60–120 minutes

Virtual Escape Game – Beat The Hacker

A hacker has stolen data from your company and is threatening to destroy everything. However, he isn’t demanding any ransom money – but he wants you to solve a task for him. And in 45 minutes! Win the digital fight in the escape room against …
The Special Coffee Break
20–40 minutes

The Special Coffee Break

Long online meetings can be a challenge. It isn’t easy to stay fully concentrated and motivated when your stare is only fixed to a screen… no exchange of glances with the colleagues, no smile in between… The special coffee break brings a breath of …
10 – 3.000
30 – 60 minutes


Haka is a ceremonial dance of the Maori people. It has become known through the New Zealand rugby team: the All Blacks, to gain the respect of their opponents before the beginning of the game, demonstrating power and unity. With body, voice and mimes, the …
One Way Out Online
3 – 500
ca. 90 minutes

One Way Out Online

One team, one way: there are no compromises in this escape room, only right or wrong. In order to find the way out, the team has to take on a very particular logic – and it can be a completely different one to what you’…
Mission To Mars
5 – 3000
4 x 26 minutes

Mission To Mars

Twitter, e-mails, team chats, advertising, online meetings, the news, smartphones, LinkedIn, office grapevines, kitchen conversations – today, we are bombarded with countless pieces of information. And they come through a variety of different channels. The higher the amount of information, the more difficult it becomes in …
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