Many bosses grow into their leadership position through working with the same company for many years and without really learning how to lead. Our leadership training develops your personality in a sense that you can lead as an example, authentic and motivated.

The most important task of each boss is to LEAD. You don't necessarily need to be the most knowledgeable expert to reach the set goals, instead your task is to give the right input and impulses to have your employees work responsibly and motivated to share best performances together.

As a first step we lie focus on you as a person and your individual aims and goals. You get to develop your personal style in leading and learn how to be fully present and attentive. In this process we will reflect your belief system, your conception of men, your values and your motivation.

In the next step we will give you leadership tools that help you recognize team dynamics and lead them, as well as motivate your employees and challenge and guide them.

Our Leadership trainings are a mix of theoretical input, self reflection via coaching tools, practical exercises with personal examples and mental training and relaxation exercises.

Content and Services

 Content of the Training

  • Development of your own individual leadership style - what makes you tick?
  • Attentive communication and delegation
  • Feedback on how you effect things
  • Learning of Leadership tools
  • Recognizing and leading group dynamics
  • Getting to know the benefits of mental training
  • Practicing coaching tools, that can directly be applied in your work life

For who is this training absolutely perfect?

  • Starting team leaders
  • Team leaders, wanting to get to know their profile and develop more authenticity
  • Leading teams, wanting to support and strengthen each other more

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