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Mission To Mars
5 – 3000
4 x 26 minutes

Mission To Mars

Twitter, e-mails, team chats, advertising, online meetings, the news, smartphones, LinkedIn, office grapevines, kitchen conversations – today, we are bombarded with countless pieces of information. And they come through a variety of different channels. The higher the amount of information, the more difficult it becomes …
Adventure Everest Online
120 -200 minutes

Adventure Everest Online

What adventurer doesn’t dream about climbing Mount Everest? Your team has the unique chance to do this in this online simulation. However, the catch: your time is limited, the resources are scarce – and will the weather be on your side? The only thing that …
One Way Out Online
3 – 500
ca. 90 minutes

One Way Out Online

One team, one way: there are no compromises in this escape room, only right or wrong. In order to find the way out, the team has to take on a very particular logic – and it can be a completely different one to what you’re …

Online team building – stopgap or long term alternative?

Home office and working together digitally have become the norm for many companies since summer 2020 at the latest, due to the pandemic lockdown. And with this also: team work without facial expressions and gestures! Especially in these uncertain times it has been particularly important to keep the us-feeling in the teams and to pick up on emotions, in order to continue working productively. But this was only possible at a distance. Online team building, for the first time, has become a real alternative.

But how do you recognise good team building? How is it set up, how long does it take? Which team topics are suitable for it and which ones aren’t? And is online team building just a stopgap for companies during lockdown – or will it stay as a permanent alternative to company trips, Christmas parties or classic team events? We have put together some impulses and thoughts from everyday team building here.

How the team building landscape has changed

Since summer 2020, we at BITOU have further developed around 25 of our team events into online team building and hybrid events. With surprising success: already in November, our online Christmas parties were fully booked. Virtual escape rooms as an activity at the end of a working day have become more popular that ever amongst colleagues. And even the new events increasingly meet excitement, which centres communication in teams in these peculiar digital times.

At the beginning we were skeptical if online team building can work. »Will a good, relaxed atmosphere arise?« – »are colleagues going to really engage with each other emotionally despite the distance?« But in the meantime, the excitement grabbed us. Because online team building works! We found this out initially with our own team, as we have restructured and rethought ourselves within the last year. In addition to this, online team building has unexpected advantages.



These are six considerable advantages of online team building

  • Online team building is environmentally friendly: the travelling no longer needs to be considered and therefore the company saves travel time, money and petrol

  • Online team building avoids infection: especially in winter during the typical cold and flu season. In future, this will remain an alternative to meeting personally

  • Online team building makes you flexible: as it is independent from time, place and the size of the group. It allows an almost limitless number of participants and is for this reason also appropriate for very large groups. These groups can even participate independently of each other and at different times

  • Online team building helps teams to discover working together digitally: which tools shall we use? Which roles are needed in a team? How should we communicate? Especially for teams that are still growing into digital work, this refection is important

  • Online team building can be booked at short notice as the travel time for the presenter no longer needs to be considered

  • Online team building is international. The teams can simply come together worldwide

How do I recognise good online team building?

How does good online team building need to be set up? How long does it take? Which team topics are appropriate – and which not at all?

Basically, the term »team building« refers to all of the measures that aim to improve the relationships within a team. The aim is to increase their productivity. Normally, there is a team building impulse in the form of an activating, entertaining element like a quiz, a construction, delegation, planning or communication task. During this, the immediate strengths of individual team players become visible. A phase of the reflection can link onto this, whether it is done together in a team, as a quiet individual task, or on the team management level.

The type of impulses that are chosen depend on the challenges that your team is facing in the real world of work: building trust, solving problems better or making decisions more efficiently, communication and planning – these aspects can be tackled well during team building.

The same applies for virtual team events. Here, an even more intentional form of communication, presentation and a structured setup is additionally needed for a good atmosphere and closeness to arise. Exactly this is an important recognition for »remote work,« the joint digital work beyond spatial limits. Teams experience this in the online team building intervention.

In addition to this, a good documentation is important, as written information is also exchanged. Good online team building also works with short video sequences.

Virtuelle Teamevents mit BITOU Eindruecke

An example can look like this:

  • Before the online team building

In a telephone briefing, we agree on a team building goal and recommend an appropriate team event based on this for the active part.

  • During the online team building

o All colleagues meet in the meeting software
o The BITOU presenter greets everyone and introduces the story
o Active part: the team solves tasks together
o Upon request: presented reflection

  • After the online team building

o You will receive a reminder from us so that you can transfer what you have leant to your everyday working life. Upon request, we can also carry out individual coaching.

An online team event should be no longer than 120 minutes – any more is tiring. However, it is well possible through the online variant for the team building intervention to take place in multiple units over a longer period of time. An example of this is our communication team event »Mission to Mars« : it consists of four units that can be played in the duration of a week. The longer period of time increases the level of reflection and helps teams to transfer the knowledge to their everyday lives.

Online team building, specifically for 2021

Pick up on emotions and keep the us-feeling: especially in times of crisis, it is particularly important to work on the team. This has been confirmed by many of our customers with whom we spoke to on the phone at the beginning of the first lockdown in February 2020. We also discovered working virtually ourselves during this time and created new structures for us as a team. We consciously approached this in the same way, as we do as team trainers with our customers.

This is what online team building achieves during a crisis

  • Picks up on emotions
  • Gets the us-feeling back
  • Defines consistent tools for remote work
  • Grows efficiency
  • Plans the future: how will we continue to work?

Conclusion: not a stopgap, but a sensible expansion – specifically when teams are growing into a new way of working!

To suddenly have to manage everything from home office is the beginning of new work. As the framework for team work, team building and team development changed in summer 2020, we needed quick and proactive solutions. But online team building is not just simply an alternative to bridge the gap, it brought along completely new impulses and thoughts.

Have a look: in our event finder you will find around 20 new virtual team events and six hybrid team events. And there are always new ones being added

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