Change! team.strategy.event.

Your event for the big changes


Change! team.strategy.event. gives your team the ability to quickly adapt to new changes in the game. A good communidation is particularly important, because without collusion, all members pursue a diffent strategy. But beware the rules can change an you quickly need a new method to continue to suceed. 


  • indoor & outdoor
  • 16 - 80
  • 30 to 60 minutes
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 29,- €

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Learn together with your team at Change! team.strategy.event how to deal with new changes and how to adapt flexibly. Each group in the game tries to reach the highest score with the outhanded chips. It is exchanged between the teams, but not everyone knows the worth of the individual colors. But beware: Does your strategy keep its promise to the end or is there a lack of important information?

The game is about speed and communication. Everyone in the team has to follow the team strategy an also understandable agreements between the individual groups are important. But if you hestitate too long, other teams are able to make the better offer for the coveted chips.


Changes bring you further

At this event, your team learns that change can help you to move forward quickly if you talk to each other.

Are there any changes in your company soon? Od do you want to train you employees in change management? BITOU Change! team.strategy.event makes it possible in a fun and entertaining way.

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The Aims:

  • Train flexibility
  • Promote communication and collaboration
  • Train strategic thinking
  • Keep cool under pressure
  • Funny tournament
  • Competitive cooperation



  • Provision of all required materials
  • Introduction by our trainer
  • Implementation at your desired location
  • Comprehensive advice, complete organization an competent implementation by trainded BITOU trainers & guides
  • Short feedback after your teamevent from our project manager
  • Arrival and departure, as well as expenses of the staff are included at BITOU


Duration: 30-60 minutes
Group size: 16 to 80
Location: entire EU an Switzerland, we look forward to come to your desired location
Sprachen: german, english
Preis: fromb 29 € p. P.

Price depend on numer of personsn, date an availability. THis is a price example for a group size of 80 participants in the off-season.

Bookable: year-around


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