This event gives your creativity full scope.

Experience the clever drive technology close to the action and build your own rocket car. Find out which team works best and develops the fastest rocket car. How far can your rockets be shot? And which rocket is the best designed one?

  • outdoor
  • 6 - 100
  • 2 to 3 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

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Only the high-quality building materials are given to you by BITOU. Then you can try it out freely. Equipped with hammers, saws, drills, screws, nails and much more, you can construct the materials in the way you want to make your rocket ready for use. Think about stability and aerodynamics. Be as creative as you would like and develop an unprecedented rocket.

After the construction, let’s start the race. Build air pressure with a pump and shoot the rocket as far as it can be carried by its wheels. Can you beat the record of the other teams?


  • Execution in your desired location
  • Location scouting
  • Wide material set, (e.g. wheels, axles, pipes, castors, wooden parts, ropes, hoses and much, much more)
  • Launch pad for lease 
  • Tools for lease
  • Each team construct a rocket car
  • Extensive advice, complete organization and competent execution will be provided by trained BITOU employees, trainer and guides: you can rely on the great outcome and success of the event.
  • Transport, as well as staff expenses are included
  • Optional: Professional feedback from our trainer
  • Optional: Professional video documentation

Duration: 2-3 hours 
Team size: 6 to 100 participants 
Location availability: We come to your preferred location EU wide and Switzerland
Language: German, English  
Price: starting at € 39
The price depends on the number of participants, date and availability. This is a price example for a group of 100 persons attending in the low season.
Booking availability: throughout the year

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