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Team building events for your company

Team building – Why is that important?

According to a study by Gallup from May 2014, only 16% of employees are actively engaged at their workplace. The rest “sleepwalks” through their working day or even disrupts the work of their colleagues.

Team building processes support motivation and communication amongst colleagues. Through shared experiences outside of the familiar working environment and the mastery of joint challenges, emotional bonds are created, the team spirit strengthened and a shared sense of purpose is established.

Together we will identify appropriate team building exercises that will support your colleagues to become motivated and engaged employees who are happy to work at your company. 

How does team building impact the company?

Team building processes increase motivation and work commitment. Employees will feel more identified with their company, be more engaged, and thus, be more effective at what they do. Motivated employees and strong teams are the foundation for a successful company. 

Team building – what exactly is it?

Team building refers to a range of different activities and processes designed to improve social relations and collaboration within a team. It strengthens the competences of individuals as well as the entire group (for example communication skills), and also aims at improving the collaborative structures within a team or across different teams.

BITOU supports collaboration among your colleagues, improves work satisfactions and identification with your company. We create experiences that sustainably build connections and improve the collaboration and communication within your team – way beyond the event itself.

Your advantages with BITOU

All our team building events have been developed by professional team trainers, system and business coaches. To get the most out of your team building event, we recommend working with one of our qualified team trainers.

You can choose whether you want to put emphasis on the entertainment aspect of your event or focus on specific goals. We can flexibly adapt the event according to your desires. We carry out all our indoor and outdoor events in all of Germany, Switzerland and Europe. Please get in touch for more information – we are happy to help with any questions you might have. 

You can find our frequently asked questions around the topic of team building below our list of offers.

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Team building for your company - FAQs

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions around team building. Do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions. 

What is team building? Team building describes the process of creating a strong and effective team out of individuals. Not every group of people is automatically a team. What it takes is collaboration, connection and mutual respect. And this is exactly what team building focuses on; it fosters collaboration, connection and a sense of identification with the team and therefore also with the company. A slightly different, but related process is the so called team training. The difference here is that team training has a stronger focus on the individual members of the team as well as the process of creating a sense of work community amongst colleagues. If you want to find out more about team training, please continue reading here

Why is team building important? A company is only as good as its team. So people’s ability to work together ultimately determines the success of the company. Therefore, team building is of utmost importance. It supports all the skills and qualities individuals need to feel engaged, creates a sense of self-efficacy and a feeling of belonging, and motivates them to contribute their skills to the team. 

What are the effects of team building? To put it short: huge! Through playful challenges, team building creates bonds between employees, inspires them to try out new approaches and ways of thinking, and to bring this into the team. This, in turn, creates as sense of achievement and a feeling of being appreciated. The entire way that a team works together and approaches challenges can change through team building. Motivation, the foundation for successful team work, increases. And that is reflected in the output! It is a cyclic process; effective team training results in motivated and content employees, which improves team work and produces high-quality output.

How does team building work? Through a variety of different practices and activities, team building events improve people’s ability to work together effectively. Trust, communication, responsibility, and respect are some of the fundamental building blocks of team building processes. Once these are internalised and put into practice, your team will be ready to go and meet new challenges.  

What needs to be considered in team building processes? Important for an effective team building process is an intrinsic motivation of the participants. Team building is meant to build and broaden the strengths of all individuals and empower them to make contributions to the team. A prerequisite for this is, naturally, the employees’ motivation to improve.