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Give the impulse and suddenly there is so much joint, positive energy.

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Digital team building? Of course! The past two years have shown that teams can connect with each other in home office without a problem. The flip side of the coin: the decentralised way of working allows little room for encounters internally in a team, also within working contexts. Book your team event with BITOU now and strengthen the team spirit!

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Plan your Christmas party for 2022 now. BITOU always offers you a digital alternative if the originally planned party can’t take place due to distancing restrictions. Most of our physical Christmas events can take place as a hybrid event

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Will we manage to work so precisely with a team as big as 3000 colleagues that it ultimately only takes a tiny impulse to put a whole chain reaction in motion, and to captivate every single link.

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“Getting from A to B together, a breath of fresh air and a feeling of community together,” these are the common denominators of every classic company trip. This is what our Smart City Challenge is set on.

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Find an appropriate team event quickly and easily with the BITOU event finder

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All participants take part in the team event online.

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A combination of virtual and personal event participation.

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Face to Face

All participants meet in person.

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Great customers and projects

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„It was interesting to sense how powerful such a community can be. In the working environment you often stand alone, but in the Haka you notice that there are so many others there that support you.“

– Andrea Zaremba,
Sales Office Mid/South
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“You can’t build good teams – but you can instigate their emergence!”

2000 Colleagues Pull Together

2000 Colleagues Pull Together

Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

Apprentice Team Event Creates a Great Start

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Team events with real value – organise an experience for your team!

Every company is made up of various characters who first must be formed into a team to work together successfully. This is where managers should become active – because real community rarely develops all by itself. Teambuilding events are an effective way to bring your employees together, even across departments. With BITOU you have the chance to strengthen the team spirit among your colleagues and at the same time provide a great experience that will be remembered for a long time. Whether you are a young start-up with 20 employees or a large corporation with locations all over the world, you can expect competent and individual advice from us, which always considers the needs and goals of your company. So, you can be sure that your team event will not only leave a lasting impression but will also have a positive impact on the day-to-day running of the company.

Community in focus: That’s why a team event by BITOU is worth it

The most successful companies are those in which teamwork functions efficiently. It’s no wonder: people who feel they are in good hands stay motivated and are happy to work for the whole team – sometimes far beyond the end of the working day. That is why it is important to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. A team event is the ideal solution for this: it creates conversations between colleagues who might meet in the corridor in everyday life. An informal atmosphere allows the team to exchange ideas without pressure and to get to know each other on a private level. However, for the team event to be a success, it should be ideally suited to your company. This is exactly where BITOU comes into play: In a thorough consultation, you can formulate your ideas and wishes for the teambuilding event. After all, you know your team best – and can therefore accurately judge whether an action-packed adventure is the better choice or whether the team would rather be inspired by tricky puzzles. We, on the other hand, make sure that the design of the event really enhances team spirit. How? For example, through the following points:

  • Large selection of team events with different focal points, also individual planning on request
  • Many years of experience in designing events to promote team development
  • Solutions for every company structure – whether face-to-face, hybrid or virtual event
  • Reflection on the results of the collective achievements at the end of the event
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