Adventure Everest

Raise the stakes: tension, thrill, extreme experiences and a will of iron to succeed. The participants face one of the greatest challenges, experience their limitations and the need to calculate risks.

Your only chance of survival is working as a team.

The participants feel that succeeding is depending on the team's cohesion.

A simulation that feels damn real.

Immerse in another world, develop success strategies, overcome boundaries, and feel the team spirit. Unforgettable experiences and insights that continue on daily life.


The goals:

The goals

  • training strategic thinking 
  • rising and targeting motivation 
  • boosting and strengthening the team spirit
  • boosting communication and collaboration
  • school risk awareness
  • increase flexibility

Program Adventure Everest 

What's significant is what we experience - not where we are.

No matter where the event takes place: weather influence, resource management, the will to succeed, time pressure, ... the participants experience elementary things of life at the highest mountain in the world. From the base camp of the Mount Everest the teams plan to climb the summit. How much can we bear, how do we survive the storms, what risks do we have to face and how do we secure our way back?

The daily changing situations on the mountain and unpredictable incidents show, how good the teams are prepared and how flexible they react. A thrilling experience which will bring the team members closer together. On the way mistakes and wrong decisions can have fatal consequences. The thrill and the desire to survive get the team members and the teams closer. Adventure Everest evoke emotions and creates unforgettable experiences, which continue to have an effect.

Only in this situation mistakes are complimentary - but exactly as instructive.

In real life mistakes can be dangerous and extremely expensive. It's healthier and even more exciting to learn playfully. 

Mantras for succeeding

Survival wisdom - not only for climbers. The participants will write certain insights on prayer flags. We promise - the mantras from Tibet's mountain world will work and drift over the teams desk.

It's a fun event, which inspires to think about the elementary things of life. Let yourself be surprised.


All required materials are being brought by BITOU. In a time range for example of a lunch break to set things up and we transform your conference room into a base camp. We create a rousing atmosphere and awake the urge to climb the highest mountain.

On demand we also incorporate suiting outdoor-exercises, which will increase the relation to reality and the base camp feeling.

  • For each team:  Provision of all needed materials.
  • Each team tries to get to the summit 
  • Extensive advice, complete organization and competent execution will be provided by trained BITOU employees, trainer and guides: you can rely on the great outcome and success of the event.
  • Location scouting 
  • Transport, as well as staff expenses are included; eventual accommodation expenses would be borne by you. 
  • Final feedback

Additional services

  • optional: professional photo/video dokumentation
  • professional feedback from our coaches

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Group size: 8 to 400 participants (participants are grouped into teams of 4 to 6 persons
Location availability: EU wide and Switzerland: We come to your preferred location
Language: german, english
Prize: starting at € 59 
The price depends on the number of participants, date and availability. This is a price example for a group of 100 persons attending in the low season.
Booking availabity: throughout the year

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