Team Impulse - Change – accompany changes in the team

  • 12 – 80
  • 45 - 75 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
Working in the same position for decades? Making the same hand movements out of rountine? Always know what to do? That was what it used to be like! The working world changes. Constantly. And that can be hard work! Our active module »Change« wants to create the desire to confornt change and promote good team work.
main topics:
Team Impulse – Change – accompany changes in the team

Mastering Change Together – The Story

The Corona virus has shown: that companies nowadays are constantly subjected to changing processes. The introduction of the changing of structures, organisational processes, strategies, ways to behave, values, or the spontaneous restructuring of whole departments are happening in companies more than ever before. Digitalisation, process optimisation, personal restructuring and cost pressure belong to the most common triggers for change processes.

In »Change«, it is all about the demanded speed and communication that are so important for the ability for the workers to adapt to the change processes in the company: within the teams, clever strategies are needed which everyone sticks to. Between the teams, communication is necessary. In addition, the colleagues have to remain flexible for new information. As those who hesitate too long run the risk of another team making a better offer for the sought after chips.

The team is split into small groups. These get a set amount of colourful chips. The different colours represent different values. The aim is to reach the highest score when swapping with the other teams. But not everyone knows how much each colour is worth. And the information changes during the process!

Change kleines Motiv

How »Change« playfully leads you to changes and promotes good team work.


The aim of »Change« is to make change tangiable for your team in a playful way.

Learning effects

»Change« helps your team to see change in your company as a chance and to adapt to the changes quickly and in a flexible way.


In »Change«, the measured value is the coins. The reaction capability of the team dictates how many coins you have before and after the change. How will your team do in comparison to the benchmark of the other teams? This gives you an insight as to where you teams stands in all things change.

Possible occasions

  • Introduce an agile mindset und agile skills
  • Start a change process
  • Framework conditions change
  • Change of strategy


»Change« is appropriate for teams on all hierarchical levels, exsisting teams and teams in the developmental phase.

Customer reviews

“Learning to deal with change is an essential part of the professional world today. Therefore, it is even more important to recognize change processes, no matter how complex, as something positive. The team impulse Change was a good building block for our team to recognize exactly this and to reflect and realign our attitude towards new things.”

Marketing manager of a medium-sized company

At a glance

Included services

  • Extenisve advice beforehand
  • Implementation and presentation
  • Licence costs
  • Measured results with evaluation
  • Analysis and reflection by our team trainer*

*only available if you book the active module with trainer.


  • 12 – 80
  • 45 - 75 min (without reflection)
  • Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • 1 m2 per participant, at least 20 m2
  • Year round

Suitable for

  • Teams on all hierarchie levels
  • Exsisting teams and teams in the developmental phase

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