Before Mars – we make your team success measurable

  • 10 – 300
  • 180-240 minutes
  • Face to Face


We’re writing the year 2059, the Earth has become uninhabitable and your mission is nothing less than securing the survival of the human race. 10,000 people have to be settled on Mars before it’s too late. Whether and if you manage it depends on your willingness to cooperate
Before Mars – we make your team success measurable

Before Mars – the strategic team simulation

Before Mars is a strategic team simulation that is carried out in multiple teams which perfectly reflects the ways in which your company works. Disguised as a galactic rescue mission, Before Mars offers a lively team building event that provokes the critical thinking of the team members. Together, you stand before the challenge to overcome a demanding task that requires analytical capabilities, working together, decision making, risk management and relationship management.

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The principle

Before Mars is a round-based strategy team event that is carried out in four quarters, each with five rounds. In each round, it’s all about the team collecting as many resources as possible which help rockets to be sent to Mars for the transport. This is the only way humanity can continue to exist and to reach the overall goal. Each ignited rocket wins the team status points. These can either be used for general use or collected. Only the team with the most status points will be granted the governance of the future Mars colony at the end. Can this influence the decision making within the team in the end? No easy challenge.

The trick

Before Mars offers sustainable learning effects for your company: in each quarter, the Earth is haunted by global crisis which endanger the success of the mission and force cooperation amongst the teams. But which team keeps an eye on the bigger picture, and who only thinks about their own advantages!? During the event, our BITOU game leaders measure whether and how the teams learn from their experiences and how well they work as a unit.

The final report – valuable input for your company

Test strategic thinking and acting in your company with Before Mars. At the end of the event, we give you surprising insights into the team dynamics and valuable feedback for your team in a thorough final report. Included is: a detailed SWOT-analysis of the achievement of your team and feedback on how your team overcame cooperation, decision making and the fulfilment of the tasks. We help you understand how you made decisions in the simulation. You find out important information about what your team can do in order to optimise its performance in the real world.

Why before Mars?

Before Mars is appropriate for companies who like to break open silos and test and evaluate their VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Agility) capabilities. Before Mars helps your team to align mutual goals, train agile capabilities and develop a panic-proof mindset.

At a glance

  • 10 – 300
  • 180-240 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor
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