Bosseln as a company trip – nature, fun and an us-feeling connect

  • 10-100
  • 60 -180 minutes
  • Face to Face


Trudging through nature together, chatting, laughing and pursuing a common goal: bosseln is the ideal company trip. The aim is to get one ball behind with the goal line, with the least amount of throws. The handcart with drinks and snacks is always at hand. As joint breaks together definitely belong to bosseln!
Boseln Motiv klein
Boßeln das nordische Teamevent von BITOU

Bosseln – how does it work?

Bosseln is typical North German team game that is played with calm water and small balls. At least two teams play against each other. The aim is to get at least one ball behind the goal line, which is four to six kilometres away, with the least amount of throws. Being outside in nature gives it a particular charm.

Bosseln motivates the teams– and despite this, the joint experience and chatting remains the focus. It is not only about powerful throws, but also about tactics and about correctly assessing the terrain. Everyone can contribute something!

Steep paths and potholes provide variety and funny effects. It is played on quiet roads or paths. And at the end, the teams celebrate each other at the prize ceremony with 3 “Lüch up und fleu herut“. Which is freely translated from East Frisian as: “pick it up and throw it away!”.

Why bosseln is the ideal company trip

Bosseln can be easily explained. The teams have their head and hands free to concentrate on the most important things: the community! The element of competition is there, but the us-feeling with bosseln is always paramount.

How long does bosseln take?

You should plan in one to three hours for the bosseln company trip. Added to this is the travelling to and from the starting point of the bosseln from the company.

How does the preparation work?

You take care of getting to and from the event, and we take care of the route of your bosseln company trip. At the beginning, we get the carts ready for you and fill up the thermal flasks. What we put in there is up to you.

Where can you play bosseln?

Of course, you can choose a route yourself for the bosseln. Make sure that the route is not often used and relatively flat. Curves, potholes and puddles make your bosseln company trip interesting, but it shouldn’t be too much hard work of course.

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At a glance

  • 10-100
  • 60 -180 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • outdoor
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