Chain reaction FIX: Connect your team

  • 10-200
  • 60-90 minutes
  • classic


1 team - 1 table - 1 toolbox. With the chain reaction FIX you get one of our most popular team events in a new dimension. Because everything you need for this team experience is provided to each team in a single, handy box: Creative-connecting teamwork that fits into every room and every schedule. The aim is to build a chain reaction together and to connect with the construction phases of other teams. The content of the box is the same for each team, and the goal is the same for all, but the approach and design of the individual construction stages is as individual as each individual team member. Who is creative, who likes to build, who is the strategist and who keeps track of time? The FIX chain reaction can be used in many ways: as an active part of your strategy or kick-off meeting, to make it easier for trainees to start working or to creatively integrate new employees. Due to the well plannable length of the game and the small space requirement, it is also very suitable for supporting your communication workshop or team training. Whatever the context: the FIX chain reaction makes sustainable changes possible for your team on many levels.
Kettenreaktion Fix

Program Chain Reaction FIX

Be creative! Communicate! Think and act out-of-the-box! Set impulses!

Be there. Together with your team, experience the tension from the joint opening of the toolbox, through the start of the chain reaction, up to the gripping finale, in which the final effect rewards and inspires the whole group.

Distribute the tasks. Precision is required when building, because the impulses must be triggered precisely at the end in order to keep the chain reaction going.

The very extensive building material offers you creative possibilities and solutions: LEGO® Technic, matchbox cars, wheels and much more are waiting to be used by you. Cooperate with the neighbouring teams and combine your individual construction phases into a joint project. In this way, you can grow the great chain reaction that everyone is working on. You will be carried away by the dynamics that already arise in the planning phase. Fun and motivation will accompany you through the construction phase. At the end there is the finale and the sense of achievement of having created something together! This sense of togetherness sustainably strengthens your team.


Services Chain Reaction FIX

  • Each team has a toolbox with extensive building material for the duration of the event for rent.
  • Detailed advice, complete organisation and competent implementation by trained BITOU staff, trainers & guides: you can be sure that your event will be a success.
  • Location scouting (1st location proposal included in the price)
  • Personnel expenses are included with BITOU, accommodation costs are at your expense.
  • Short feedback from your project manager. After the event he passes on his perception to your team and invites you to a joint dialogue.
  • Starting at 10 persons
  • 6-8 persons per team​
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Event duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Addable services

  • professional photo/video documentation
  • professional feedback from our team trainers


At a glance

  • 10-200
  • 60-90 minutes
  • classic
  • German, Switzerland, Europe
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • indoor & outdoor
Professional reflection for your team development
What would be the point of the most creative, thrilling team event if the effects came to nothing? Our trainers and coaches offer an additional service of deeper feedback for working together in your team.
Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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