Team impulse - Change – accompany changes in the team

  • 16-80
  • 30-60 min
  • Face to Face


Have you worked in the same position for decades? Making the same hand movements routinely? Always know what there is to do? That was the case once upon a time! The working world is changing. Constantly. And that can be pretty tiring! Our team event »Change« will make you happily embrace the change.
Team impulse – Change – accompany changes in the team

Desire to change – a team impulse can help

»Change« is an exciting strategy event that creates a good atmosphere. At the same time, it also uncovers a lot of learning potential.

The team is split up into small groups. The teams receive a predetermined amount of colourful chips. The colours are worth different amounts of points. The aim is to reach the highest amount of points by exchanging with the other teams. But not everyone knows how much each colour is worth. And the information also changes during the team event!

It’s about speed and communication: within the teams, clever strategies are needed which everyone needs to keep to. Agreements are needed between the teams. In addition, the colleagues always need to stay flexible to receive new information. As those who hesitate too long run the risk of the other team making a better offer on the sought after chips.

Change kleines Motiv

Learning openness

Changing routines and structures is one of the most difficult tasks for teams. But it is necessary: to act in an agile way, colleagues have to discuss more effectively, listen better and learn to think in a more solution-oriented way.

Today, we still need experts who know their area the best. But the “how” has become more important that the “what”.

At »Change«, the team learns in a fun way how successful it can be, how it adapts itself quickly and how the members adjust to each other. A good starting point to reassess the own working ways – and to change.

What do we have to prepare?

If nothing else has been arranged, prepare the location. It should be big enough that small groups can break off for quiet exchanges. A table should be available as an exchange platform for the chips. BITOU will take on the complete organisation and provide all of the materials.

Is this suitable for us?

We will happily advise you in advance if you have specific questions about agile work, or if there are concrete challenges to be solved in your team. After »Change«, the team trainer gives you feedback to your current way of working

More team impulses for agile work?

BITOU offers team training and workshops all about agile work. Part of this is an active team impulse – like »Change« -, a warm up and a knowledge part. After this, an »agile compass« is worked on together. Many of our regular customers report back to us that this process has proven itself in practice. Find out more and discover examples in practice:

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At a glance

  • 16-80
  • 30-60 min
  • Face to Face
  • Year round
  • Germany, EU, Switzerland
  • German, English
  • indoor
Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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