Christmas bosseln – calm bowling outside

  • 10-100
  • 60-180 minutes
  • physical


A handcart rattles along the forest path over the gravel and roots. It is still calm in the forest. Only the dampened patter of our footsteps accompany us. But suddenly, a laugh: the path has become steep, you stumble over each other. The further we get away from the carpark, the deeper we get into nature, the more relaxed the faces and conversations become. Even the colleague who checked the last email one minute before leaving is fully engaged. The Christmas bosseln can begin.
Christmas bosseln

Christmas bosseln as a team event – the concept

Bosseln is a typical north German team game which plays with balls on calm paths. At least two teams play against each other. The aim is to throw the ball with as few goes as possible over the finishing line which is four to six kilometres away. In the quiet winter landscape, this has a particularly special charm!

Bosseln spurs the teams on – and despite this, the joint experience and chatting together plays the central role. It is not only about throwing strength but also about tactic and analysing the ground correctly. Everyone can get involved!

What is in the handcart?

Are you curious? In the handcart, there are balls of course, street chalk to mark the trees along the way – and delicious treats and hot flasks for the breaks! As they also belong to the game.

What does the winning team get?

The envyless recognition of the BITOU trainers, the own team – and an awards ceremony with the threefold call: „Lüch up und fleu herut“ which, translated from East Frisian means: “pick it up and throw it away!”

What do we have to prepare?

You take care of the transport to and from the company’s location. This is where the carts will be standing waiting for you and we will suggest a route for you. If requested, we will fill the flasks with mulled wine instead of tea and coffee. Please let us know beforehand.

And what happens next?

You can book the Christmas bosseln as a warm up for your self-organised Christmas party. If desired, we will take care of the whole frame programme. As an additional service, you can book professional feedback from our team trainers on communication within the team, and also a professional video documentation.

At a glance

  • 10-100
  • 60-180 minutes
  • physical
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • outdoor
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