Cinemagia – “A real film just about us?!”

  • 8–100
  • 180 minutes
  • Virtual


Who has always wanted to be a Hollywood star? Who is the hidden script writer or director in the team? At the online team event Cinemagia, teams will get the applause they deserve. This is because today, a film is going to be made! During this, many unknown qualities of your colleagues will come into the spotlight: one of them wearing horn-rimmed glasses with a chewed up pen behind his ear suddenly whips up creative ideas, the next one gives experiences stage directions from a foldable chair from offstage, others present themselves skilfully in front of the camera…

Cinemagia as an online team event – the concept

After the groups have been greeted by the BITOU team trainers, the topic of the film will be announced: this can be a new filming of a classic, a music video that shows the diversity of your team, a new product or service of your company, or also current topics that mean something to your team.

Now, the participants are split up into smaller groups, and they meet each other in separate online conference rooms. Each small group designs and films single scenes that are later put together to make a cohesive whole. Every person in the team takes on a role which is indispensable on the film set: directors, actors, authors, prop managers and so on…

The videos are filmed using either a mobile phone or with a PC camera. A team member takes over the roll of the camera cutter. Together with an employee from BITOU, the individually filmed scenes are put together with the instructions from the director. The result is a two to three minute film.

BIT Bilder Eindruecke Cinematega

Which competencies does the team event convey?

The event Cinemagia develops or sharpens the capability of team members to overcome new challenges which they don’t have specific training for. For this, they only have the power of their imagination at their disposal. These are competencies that are ever more needed in the agile world of work.

What does this mean for our community?

You get to know the qualities of your colleagues that have not yet been implemented in the workplace – often because they have supposedly never been needed. The mutual respect grows. The joint creative activity also connects colleagues that have had little to do with each other up until now.

Lovely technology…

We connect through online meeting software that is ideally already known within your company or organisation. No software installations are necessary. The individual participants ideally only need a mobile phone, they can also simply record their own scenes with the screen camera. The BITOU support is available at any time and will support you.

And does everything really work online?

Astounding – but yes! The online communication requires an especially creative approach from the team members. The director has to think about factors, such as whether dialogue should be included in the film, and if so, how – as there can only be one person in the frame at any time. The cutter is the only person who definitely should be in the room with the BITOU support. Basically, Cinemagia is also available as a hybrid event, the small groups can meet each other personally.

At a glance

  • 8–100
  • 180 minutes
  • Virtual
  • German, English
  • Year round
  • Worldwide
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