»Business Game Deadline« – how agile teams increase their performance

  • 8-1000
  • 120-180 minutes
  • Face to Face


”If it wasn’t for the last minute, it would have never been finished..“ At the team event “Deadline,” we take advantage the adrenaline burst that comes shortly before every presentation and every end of a project. Your team solves a complex task unter time pressure. Why? To enable teams to make correct decisions quickly. And during this, always keeping the bigger picture in sight.

The story: international shopping chain

At “Business Game Deadline,” your team takes on a complex task: it coordinates the purchasing, production and transportation of clothing in an international market. Where can you get the raw materials from for a cheap price? Are the supply chains free? The fashion company which you work for has given you the deadline that you need to keep to at all costs. But natural events and political influences put the team to the test…

The concept: make decisions efficiently as an agile team

The “Business Game Deadline” is in principle a simulation of agile everyday working life. Quick decisions are needed as the environmental conditions can change at any time. The task is complex – like in the market situation today, and in digital competition that doesn’t know any limits. In such a situation, specialist teams are needed.

And a new understanding of leadership: rankings and formal hierarchies don’t fit into this world. Depending on the demand, the person with the most competence in that situation should always make the decision. The “Business Game Deadline” helps teams to recognise this and to always act with a sense of a joint, superordinate strategy.

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The course of events

A BITOU presenter greets the team and introduces the story. Depending on the size of the group, multiple small teams will be created. Each team receives a tablet PC which informs about unexpected events during the course of the game.

The preparation

… BITOU takes care of it for you! You and your team with receive everything you need such as paper, pens, cards, plans and a tablet-PC per team.

And afterwards?

The “Business Game Deadline” is a team event which encourages reflection. Upon request, we will happily take charge of the reflection round with your team. Along with this, you will receive professional feedback on the cooperation within your team. If you want to lead the reflection round yourself, we will support you with tips and hints. Just speak to us about it.

Is “Business Game Deadline” appropriate for my team?

If your company has already had experience with working in an agile manner, then “Deadline” is a valuable team impulse. If working in an agile manner is still new for your team, we recommend preparing this with suitable input. We offer the appropriate programme for this, just talk to us!

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At a glance

  • 8-1000
  • 120-180 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Year round
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • Germany, English
  • indoor
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