One Way Out – with the right team logic out of the online escape room

  • 3 – 500
  • ca. 90 minutes
  • Virtual


One team, one way: there are no compromises in this escape room, only right or wrong. In order to find the way out, the team has to take on a very particular logic - and it can be a completely different one to what you’re used to in everyday life. Which team becomes distracted by the unimportant information which is waiting for them along the way? And who purposely finds the only correct way out of the escape room?
One Way Out Online
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The concept behind the team escape room

In an agile working world, quick decisions are in demand. Which way shall we take, which competencies do we need to be right for the challenges and tasks? Classic hierarchies are often turned on their heads – sometimes a dominant leader isn’t needed at the head of the project, but rather a creative solution or an otherwise quiet analyst.

This is exactly what the team event One Way Out is about. This online escape room follows a very particular logic. Which is, to recognise – and to trust the person with the appropriate competencies. Hidden hints will help you out. The way out leads you through different coloured doors which only open when every single member has given their ok. Every voice counts!

In One Way Out, multiple small teams come against each other, every one has a different team experience. This is the ideal condition for the following reflection.


The setting

At the beginning of the online simulation, the teams find themselves locked in a dull, grey building again. The setting is a reminder of the catastrophe of Tschernobyl – a place that everyone wants to flee from!

The logic of the colours

The way out of the team escape room leads through green, red, grey and yellow doors. Each colour represents a different role in the team: determiners, discoverers, people of structure or those who take care of others. Is a colour combination needed? Or is there only one correct colour?

The technology

For the team escape room there are no software installations necessary. The participants simply get an invitation via email and use the bowser to take part in the simulation. The greeting round and the communication during the simulation, as well as the final round take place using a meeting software of your choice. We will happily provide a meeting over Zoom or MS Teams – for no extra charge.

Impulses for agile work

The team building experts from BITOU have carried out over 3000 team trainings and team events to date with a special focus on agile work. We will happily advise you on this in more detail – just get in touch!


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At a glance

  • 3 – 500
  • ca. 90 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Worldwide
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