Planetary Saga – Learn Change Management

  • 7 – 300
  • 120-240 minutes
  • Face to Face


The demands on modern teams have increased enormously due to digitization, globalization and Industry 4.0. In addition, there are developments such as demographic change, economic crises and rapidly changing competition. Permanent change is required, not just selectively, but permanently. With Planetary Saga, the participants are introduced playfully to change management processes and agile work - they learn how to deal with change and how to actively participate in change. Based on John Kotter, the 8 steps in change management are implemented in Planetary Saga.
Planetary Saga – Learn Change Management

The story

In Planetary Saga, our mother planet, Zeron, becomes uninhabitable. Thousands of generations have lived here, laying the foundation of our community day by day. Now disasters are unstoppable, and it is time to relocate the population and we are responsible for it. But how do we teach this to our people.

Planetary Saga is played as a board game in teams of 3-6 participants over eight rounds. The goal is to collect as many civilization points as possible to save humanity. Within the eight rounds, the teams have to make important decisions and manage their resources efficiently.

Planetary Saga klein

Learn flexibility, curiosity and openness

Planetary Saga offers the participants a realistic view of change management processes in the company and enables several ways of reflection after the simulation. Managers can experience how to lead the change, while individuals and teams get a better sense of how they deal with the changes by being actively involved in them.

The implementation of new processes and structures requires a team culture in which change can be lived, but also openness and a certain degree of curiosity, flexibility and vitality. With Planetary Saga, your employees learn to engage in these processes.


  • Teams are playfully sensitized to change management in the company
  • Teams actively participate in the change management process
  • Teams learn to adapt their communication style so that they can interact more effectively with colleagues and customers
  • Teams learn to improve their working relationships and communication skills.


The common debriefing at the end is the valuable part for your team: Together we structure the learning results, discuss the takeaways of the individual teams and create sufficient space for reflection.

Learning by doing – Benefits of experience-oriented team development

Experiential learning means: learning by doing. We first immerse learners in an experience and then encourage reflection on that experience to develop new skills, new attitudes or new ways of thinking. What follows is the development of central team skills. Planetary Saga gives your team the opportunity to master challenging situations in everyday working life and promotes willingness to change in your company.

Your benefits

1. The participants are actively involved
2. Learning is not based on theory, but on self-made experience
3. A connection is made between theory and everyday work
4. Planetary Saga gives space for exploring change management processes in the company without negative consequences

At a glance

  • 7 – 300
  • 120-240 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Indoor
Duration 2 hrs - plus reflection and in-depth team work

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