Plastic – an online team impulse for sustainability

  • 4 – 100
  • 75 - 90 minutes
  • Virtual


Economising sustainably, avoiding CO2 – at first glance, that seems to be a task for company management. But at second glance, it can be worth it to involve the whole team in sustainable strategies. As often, colleagues develop their own good ideas as to how the joint working day can be structured more sustainably. In addition to this, strategies are often carried through more strongly when they have been jointly developed. The online team event “Plastic” is ideal as a team impulse or as a starting event for a new sustainability strategy in the company.
Plastic – an online team impulse for sustainability

The story behind the team event

Isgar Boos from Amsterdam has sailed ever since he was 10 years old. On his journey, he landed in Barcelona – and for a few years has offered his own sailing tours for tourists, adventures and romantics. But he is becoming more and more concerned with what he saw floating on and in the sea: plastic.

Many people know through enlightenment campaigns that in every square kilometre, multiple hundreds of thousands of pieces of microplastic and plastic waste are floating around. They also know: that costs the lives of thousands of animals, because they swallow plastic or get caught in it. “But how is it possible to bring this theoretical knowledge into action?” Isgar asked himself. “What can one individual do to stop this plastic flood? How can we stop people feeling passive and numb and make themselves active within their own possibilities?”

As an answer, he developed the idea for our virtual team event. “Plastic” is part of our three-level plan to bring about stronger worldwide action from humanity against the problem.

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Inspire the teams about sustainability – and impart knowledge

On a journey over the world seas, a whale cow has to be rescued. It is pregnant and has caught itself in a fishing net. But the ocean is carrying it further and further away.

Multiple teams of at least four colleagues come against each other to find the whale.

This is what the participants say

“The team event Plastic is simply fun, you learn a lot and see beautiful pictures of the world’s oceans,” said a participant.

“Wow, this event motivated me and my colleagues to change something ourselves!”, reported a personal developer. “There was a good team atmosphere straight away. I’d love more of that!”

“Plastic exceeded our expectations. It is fun, motivating – and is still good for the environment,” a business manager.

The journey can begin

On their journey, they find further clues about its location, puzzle together and learn something new along the way:

  • About the history of plastic
  • Background information on microplastics
  • About sensible recycling solutions

It is important not to raise the moral index finger, but to pick teams up from where they currently stand!

This is how it continues

The online team event Plastic is part of a multiple step programme. Step 1 is a presentation – step 3 is a 30 day challenge all about sustainability. It motivates teams to purposely go without a non-sustainable action everyday and to do something good for the environment: transport “coffee to go” in your own cup. Buy water in a glass bottle rather than in a plastic one. Print less in order to save paper.

We at BITOU offer the whole multiple step programme Plastic. You’re interested in it already? Just talk to us about it.

At a glance

  • 4 – 100
  • 75 - 90 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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