Return from Mars – the team impulse for collaboration

  • 3 – 200
  • 80-120 minutes
  • Virtual


Well, how many egos are there in your team? How do they deal with colleagues who only adapt and don’t develop any ideas of their own? What is more important nowadays: “I” or “we”? The answer is: both! In a complex working world, teams often confront tasks that no one single person can solve. That is why a strong individual AND a strong group is needed.
Return from Mars – the team impulse for collaboration

The idea behind »Return from Mars«

In the team event »Return from Mars« teams are unusually reliant on each other: in this planning game, the colleagues take on the role of astronauts who have just landed back on Earth after an adventure on Mars. Unfortunately, the contact to HOUSTON was lost. Contrary to the plan, the team landed in the Koruk mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

It is now time to find a map. This can be achieved by four to six colleagues working together in small groups. They work out codes and decode information, find creative solutions, and are always further developing strategies in order to budget their own resources as well as possible. With the help of a map, the exhausted astronauts finally find an appropriate place to regain contact with HOUSTON and to be rescued. Challenges are waiting to be solved – always together! In order to be successful, the teams can under no circumstances separate.

Rueckkehr vom Mars kleines Motiv

What do agile teams need?

Agile teamwork only works when each individual can lead themselves. This means: to get involved when it contributes to the success of the team – but to also be able to step back when the competencies of other colleagues are demanded. With the most varied tasks, »Return from Mars« makes it visible, who has what capabilities in the team. The decisive factor is implementing them properly.

What do we have to prepare?

You’ll receive an access link in advance and send it to your team. Through this link, the participants meet in a virtual environment. No installations are necessary. A BITOU presenter greets the team, explains the rules and splits the small teams into break out rooms. On a technical level, you don’t have to prepare anything – but you are very welcome to tell us about the current challenges your teams are facing.

Reflection in a team

The exciting story is fun and provides the atmosphere. Beyond this, this team event is suitable for a connecting reflection – either directly connected to the team event or after team training. Until then, all of your results can sink in and you can apply what you have learnt to everyday life.

Further suitable team impulses

»Return from Mars« is part of a range: Part 1, »Mission to Mars« is all about communication. Part 2, »Mars Pioneers« is about sustainable (team) strategies. Part 3 »Return from Mars« makes it visible where every single team member has their strengths, and where the group stands as a whole. All three team events are appropriate in order to reflect on the challenges of an agile working world.

At a glance

  • 3 – 200
  • 80-120 minutes
  • Virtual
  • Worldwide
  • Year round
  • German, English
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