Building water rockets - source of friction is desirable!

  • 6-250
  • 120-240 min
  • Face to Face


Pulling together as a team? The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing. This is particularly true for rocket sciences. The team event »Rocket science – water rocket building« shows how communication can work in a team. An exciting and demanding task welds teams together. And for this, the team has to have a good sense of team structure.
Rocket Science

»Rocket science« – the program

A temporary space station made out of everyday materials, with scientists and astronauts, will develop at your team event location. The group splits itself up into multiple teams and each team builds their own water rocket with a starting ramp.

Up until the big countdown, multiple rocket tests take place. The strategists in the team observe how the wind dictates the flight direction – and cleverly place the starting position accordingly. The tinkers and doers in the team fill up the rocket with water and add air pressure. The creative types develop ideas how the water rockets can be designed to look even greater and more individual, and the relationship people make sure that everyone stays connected together.

Little by little, the excitement grows, until everyone counts down together: will the rockets take off as planned? How high will they fly depending on the weather conditions and wind direction? And then it starts: all eyes follow the rockets flying in the sky until they glide back down to the ground with their parachutes. Who won?

Rocket Science kleines Motiv

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Focus: communication

Water fun on a hot summer’s day is great! However, the focus of the team event is on communication and mutual coordination. It is important to know: the goal is not that everyone agrees all of the time! This might be convenient. But when different characters come together, the potential for solving problems creatively grows. There can be a source of friction, or rather: it gets teams further!

Feedback on your team

On request, you can receive professional feedback from our team trainers about the cooperation in your team. Typical communication barriers are for example a lack of trust or too much competition between colleagues. We will happily advise you or recommend further team building measures.

What do we have to prepare?

You take care of the location and the catering. BITOU provides water rocket building material for each team, such as tools, paint and decorations. The team trainer from BITOU leads you through the team event so that the colleagues always know what needs to be done. In addition, you also receive photos and a short video of the final countdown.

Additional services for your individual team event

There are many variants of the BITOU water rockets: with LED lighting elements, a pressure tank system or individually printed logos. On request, we can also organise protective clothing for you in the style of a scientist or astronaut, with gloves, protective glasses and helmets.

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At a glance

  • 6-250
  • 120-240 min
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • outdoor
Professional reflection for your team development
What would be the point of the most creative, thrilling team event if the effects came to nothing? Our trainers and coaches offer an additional service of deeper feedback for working together in your team.
Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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