”Green Impulse“, the online escape game - team strategies for a sustainable future

  • 10–1.000
  • 90-120 min
  • Virtual


We’re writing the year 2030. The first subsonic space glider only using renewable energy is ready for take off. Welcome academy members: today, the Green Academy appoints the pilot team for the first flight of the space glider “Green Impulse”. But be cautious: a strange power is trying to sabotage the project.
Strategic Escape Game – Green Impulse

”Green Impulse“ – the concept

Team success is the greatest when everyone works together. That’s why mutual assistance in this online escape game is just as important as thinking carefully and strategic leading. There is no one correct way to achieve the goal. That’s why this strategic online escape game leads every team inevitably into its future: roles become crystal clear, the team spirit will be strengthened.

Green Impulse Escape Game Eindruecke

Is this suitable for my team?

”Green Impulse” is particularly suitable for teams who are looking for a mutual vision for the future – or for those who have already found one and are looking for a practical way to implement it. It is no coincidence that the story is about renewable energy. After all, our future depends on the conscious way we use resources and technology and the teams of the future will contribute their part.

Why is the team event called “escape game“?

The online team event ”Green Impulse“ follows the basic principle behind every classic escape game: the team members find themselves bundled together in a small room and have to overcome an existential crisis together which is essential for everyone’s future. In the room, hints are hidden which have to be decoded.

What should team leaders know in advance?

The strategic online escape game ”Green Impulse“ is suitable for groups of 10 to 100 participants. During the online team events, the participants are grouped into smaller remote teams.

What are the technical requirements?

You only need internet access and an up-to-date browser, there are no software installations necessary for the game. The communication between the teams will ideally take place using the company meeting software such as MS Teams or Zoom.

At a glance

  • 10–1.000
  • 90-120 min
  • Virtual
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Worldwide
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