Talk to Survive – train effective communication in the team

  • 8-3000
  • 60 minutes
  • Face to Face


The bomb is ticking. With nervous, trembling hands you go to cut through the red cable. But what if the blue cable would have been the right one? Did you pass on all of the important clues to your colleagues from the Bomb Diffusing Handbook? Have your colleagues arranged all of the clues correctly and given you the correct instructions? With one jolt, you cut through the cable and… the countdown stops and with relief, it becomes clear to you that it was the correct cable!
Talk to Survive – train effective communication in the team

The concept

In »Talk to Survive«, the team diffuses ticking time bombs. Not in reality of course, but digitally. Your team is split up into two teams. One half of the team has the bomb ticking in front of them on the laptop and has to describe it to the other team. The colleagues have the Bomb Diffusing Handbook in their hands and have to find out which buttons need to be pressed, or which cables need to be cut through based on the description.

With this team event, teams train their problem solving and communication skills. Quick, clear and effective communication is the key to success!

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Seven levels

The capabilities of your team are tested over seven levels. Each level orientates itself on what has been learnt and worked through up until that point – and is unique for this reason. That means that you can book this team event multiple times for your team, or you can carry it out multiple times on one day.


»Talk to Survive« is flexible in practice. You only need a laptop and the handbook – both are provided by BITOU. This way, the team event can be carried out in almost every location. The duration of the game is short and the preparation is uncomplicated.

Professional organisation

Our BITOU team trainers make your team event a success. After an extensive consultation, we take on the planning, organisation and carry out the team event. You can completely concentrate on what is happening.

Team building

Only with cooperation and expedient communication will you be successful as a team. »Talk to Survive« makes this evident. These experiences are valuable for everyday working life! A real team building experience.

At a glance

  • 8-3000
  • 60 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, Switzerland, Europe
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • indoor
Trill through maximum entertainment
Thrilling team spirit doesn’t arise from brainwork, not individually at a desk – but through doing things, through community, through the contagious feelings of the colleagues.

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