Online Team-Events

Suddenly home office? Everyone at distance? No reason to neglect teamwork! Especially now a reflection of the togetherness is very important. An online team event is an ideal opportunity to bring back the "we" and develop strategies for the future together.

What's the point of an online team event right now?

  • catching emotions
  • bring back the feeling of cohesiveness
  • define unified tools for Remote Work
  • increase efficiency
  • planning the future

The most important precondition for a successful team is good cooperation. The precondition in the present time is that the team members stay in touch, that everyone can call up his performance and that a common goal is pursued. Those who invest in their employees now are ahead of their competitors. The new working conditions pose great challenges for everyone. Managing everything from the home office is the start of New Work, because changing conditions require proactive solutions. Our online teambuilding events offer new innovative impulses and thoughts for teamwork. In doing so, they bring a lot of fun and make the team quickly become more efficient.

The online events allow an almost unlimited number of participants and are therefore also suitable for very large groups. Another advantage is that you can conduct the team events at any time and independently of each other.


Common experiences create trust, motivation and team spirit! 

Virtual Escape Game - Beat the Hacker

  • indoor and outdoor
  • 5 - 1000
  • starting at 60 min

This team event allows personal contact - without personal contact. It can be held from anywhere and at any time - 100% online. The new innovative Virtual Team Escape Game promotes team spirit and motivation for everyday work. Invest in the cooperation of your employees and emerge stronger from the crisis.

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Adventure Everest Online

  • indoor
  • 8 - 400
  • starting at 180 min

Discover the potential of your employees - everything 100% online! In the Everest adventure, you simulate climbing Mount Everest. The BITOU Online Teambuilding Adventure Everest helps you to recognize where your team stands in this crisis. Invest wisely to reach the summit in the end - in simulation and in the working world.

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Stonehenge Online

  • indoor and outdoor
  • 9 - 1000
  • starting at 120 min

Real teambuilding also works 100% online. Practiced teamwork makes you more successful and your employees more satisfied! The new self-developed Stonehenge Online promotes team spirit and motivation for everyday work. Invest wisely in your employees' communication and emerge from the crisis more powerful.

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Chain Reaction XXL Kopie

  • indoor and outdoor
  • 6 - 3,000
  • starting at 1 to 3 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

With this team building event you enable new impulses for your team…
You and your team can have a huge impact!

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