Motivation remains, productivity increases - with outdoor teambuilding

Suddenly home office? Everyone at distance? No reason to neglect teamwork! Especially now a reflection of the togetherness is very important. This is possible with Outdoor Teambuilding - our events with distance - or as an online team event. 

What are the benefits of outdoor teambuilding right now?


  • catching emotions
  • bring back the feeling of cohesiveness
  • define unified tools for Remote Work
  • increase efficiency
  • planning the future

Right now, there are many lone fighters on the road worldwide. Many workers and employees are dealing with the situation in an exemplary manner and have quickly and agilely changed their working methods. It is clear that new ways of working have a future. But now the reflection begins: How do we continue to work? How do we deal with loneliness? Is it possible to establish an emotional connection to the team from the home office? At the latest when normality returns, many team processes will begin anew. Outdoor teambuilding or an online event is an ideal opportunity to catch all this, to bring back the team spirit and to develop strategies for the future together.

What are the rules for outdoor teambuilding and events with distance?

Due to our new concept "Events by distance" team meetings are now possible again, of course in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations. Examples of this are "Adventure Everest" as an event with distance or "Raft building" as an outdoor teambuilding event. For all events with distance applies:


  • We provide each participant with a disposable or reusable (new) - mouth/nose protection
  • The teams are max. 5 persons, between the teams the distance rules apply
  • The event material is disinfected, material that cannot be disinfected has not been used at least 72 hours before.
  • At the places where teams have to communicate with each other, negotiate or exchange materials, plexiglass walls are erected as spit protection.
  • Hand disinfection is always available

We have cancelled a planned event and would like to make up for it now. What should we consider?

For Years we at BITOU have been developing workshops, trainings and events for teams that are even possible online. We would be happy to support you in finding the right tools or develop individual formats so that you can catch up on your event.

What will Christmas celebrations look like in 2020?

We are currently in the process of developing suitable formats for the 2020 Christmas party as a hybrid event. This will certainly not neglect community and enjoyment! We do not want to reveal more at the moment. But it's worth keeping at it - if you are interested, our team will inform you.

What are Hybrid-Events?

In a hybrid event, a real event is broadcast live at the same time. This allows many small groups to come together at different locations, keeping the distance rules - and at the same time interacting virtually with the other participants, exchanging ideas, celebrating, asking questions. It is certain that at hybrid events there must be a good briefing for everyone. A big advantage is that you can include the local conditions, for example partners or children in the home office.

Outdoor Teambuilding and Events with distance

Geocaching "Original"

  • outdoor
  • 10 - 3,000
  • starting at 1 to 6 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

The company outing in the nature

more details

Chain Reaction XXL

  • indoor and outdoor
  • 6 - 3,000
  • starting at 1 to 3 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

With this team building event you enable new impulses for your team…
You and your team can have a huge impact!

more details

TAB Team Challenge

  • outdoor
  • 4 - 3,000
  • starting at 1 to 12 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

Company trip with team work, trust and mutual communication…

more details

Adventure Everest

  • indoor
  • 8 - 400
  • starting at 3 to 4 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 59,- €

Immerse yourself into another world, develop success strategies, overcome boundaries and feel the team spirit. Adventure Everest creates unforgettable experiences and insights, which continue in daily life.

more details

Soapbox Construction and Race

  • outdoor
  • 6 - 500
  • starting at 2,5 to 4 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 99,- €

…first jiggle, then rush. Here your will recall your childhood memories!

more details

Raft Building Team Event

  • outdoor
  • 10 - 80
  • starting at 2 to 4 hours
  • Germany
  • starting at 39,- €

The team event that leads your employees to reach their top performance

more details

Chain Reaction XXL Kopie

  • indoor and outdoor
  • 6 - 3,000
  • starting at 1 to 3 hours
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 39,- €

With this team building event you enable new impulses for your team…
You and your team can have a huge impact!

more details

Why now a "team event with distance" makes sense!

The current situation requires new solutions for successful teamwork. Teambuildings and Team Events, as we and you know it, which a year ago was completely normal, are simply not feasible at the moment. So, it is very difficult to keep a team together, especially emotionally, as personal encounters are no longer necessary. The need for community is only minimally served, job-related isolation is threatening to a lone fighter society. Meetings and encounters are now only possible with security measures. There are distance rules and mask duty.

BITOU has developed a concept for its sustainable team events that makes team building by distance possible, so that your team remains successful and the employees feel as a community again. Together you spend valuable moments that give you strength and motivation for the new challenges in your daily work. Trust your team - give your employees back a piece of normality. With our modified team events you will receive valuable team building with an unchanged high fun factor.

Your benefits

✔️ All events can be carried out in compliance with the safety distance!

✔️ Disinfectant and face masks are provided!

✔️ Individual solutions and adaptations to the regulations!

✔️ Sustainable teambuilding factor!

✔️ Professional advice and implementation!

Our event management team is looking forward to meeting you!

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