„Team practice now brings back the WE“

Joachim Grittmann has been developing team training and events with BITOU for 18 years. These often involve working together in a world of labour that is digitalised and changing ever faster. What did the lockdown in March do to his own team - and to himself?


Mr. Grittmann, how have you experienced the last months?

I had the first premonition at the beginning of March. Shortly afterwards the first cancellations for our events and team trainings came. I switched to working mode, registered for short-time work, took care of loans ... What it takes to secure a company.

This was followed by a very intensive personal discussion: What if I get sick? Or my family? I was focused on the news. Like many other people at that time, I was outdoors a lot, by bike, on foot. Usually I always have a lot of ideas, but they were suddenly gone. It was a veritable shock-induced paralysis. Through my strong personal involvement, the fear changed into a new impulse, a new perspective. I began to develop new formats, especially for this time.

And now I am faced with the question: How do I motivate my employees so that everyone gets back to work? I believe that many companies do this - and it will keep us busy for quite some time!

What are the challenges in the team?

Quite simply, the motivation. Many have their children at home. Some notice that during short-time work they can suddenly do things that they would otherwise not be able to do.

Everyone has to organise themselves first, that's understandable, especially if you can't be paid in full. We relatively quickly increased the working hours to 25 percent again. But even if we were to abolish short-time work completely: There are just not enough commissions to keep everyone fully occupied. That lowers motivation, of course. But in the end, it's all about the job of each individual!

How do you deal with this?

I conduct individual interviews as far as time permits. It is important to me that every employee now asks himself: "Why do I work in my profession? What gives me pleasure - and what of that pleasure can I apply to my work?"

I have just exchanged with an employee whose biggest problem is that he feels lonely in his home office. I said to him, "Think of something that would help you and develop a team training program." The nice thing about our job is that we can share our own work experience with other people and coach them.

How important are formats like online team training right now?

Very important - this is what our customers say, with whom I myself and our colleagues from the sales department talk on the phone a lot.

At the moment there are many lone fighters on the road in the working world. Now it is important that they become teams again, because in the end a team is much more efficient and successful, especially in larger projects.

Our online events and online team trainings are exactly designed to re-establish an emotional bond, to make you feel like a group again. After a long break, many team processes are now beginning anew. This should be reflected and accompanied. In addition, team training is the appropriate environment to reflect on how individual work is successful: How do you lead a team in a home office? What strategies, tools and rules are there for remote teams?

What will we have left on the positive side?

If I look at it globally, I hope that less travel will be done. We as a company are discovering hybrid events for ourselves - that is, the combination of virtual technologies with smaller groups - and I hope that the real benefit of the technologies will remain and that we will begin to value personal encounters in such a way that both are used in the right place.

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Why to have a team training right now?

The current situation in this special time presents everyone with huge, new and special challenges - no question about it. Be it that perhaps the performance of the team has declined, conflicts have arisen or simply the team feeling is getting more and more lost due to the distance. So much the more important for your team, right now, is to maintain and strengthen the team structure and trust. Because if all the people in your team work together and strive for a common goal, the long-term success of your company is guaranteed. Often it is small discrepancies between employees that lead to problems and the associated loss of efficiency. To counteract this, online team training with BITOU is ideal. Get your employees fit again and shorten the path to success in the long term. Emerge stronger from the crisis and be the decisive steps ahead of your competitors - as an efficient team!

What is special about the BITOU Online Team Trainings?

With already 18 years of experience in the field of teambuilding and team training, BITOU is one of the leading providers in the market for team training. Thanks to specially trained and certified team trainers, BITOU offers you optimal conditions to make your online team training a success. You can use your own meeting software. The personal development of each individual as well as the cooperation and development within the team are on the same level and increase your company's success. Of course, the fun and experience factor are also very high, as the team learns through joint experience and makes a whole new experience with the online version. In comparison to a team event or company outing, in team training we deal with the team dynamics even more specifically and define optimisation potential for everyday work, which you can use together in the long term. BITOU's online team trainings offer you an additional advantage in terms of time and money. You save all travel costs and expenses. The nice side effect is the reduction of emissions, which is good for the environment.

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