Why even have a Team training?

The success of your team starts with its individuals. Only if all members of your team work together and strive towards a common goal, the long term success of your company is guaranteed. Even the slightest differences between your employees can trigger problems and cause a decrease in efficiency related to those discrepancies.

To help you eliminate these differences a team training with BITOU is a perfect solution. We take care of every detail and ensure that your whole team pulls together on the same string. You will notice how, with every training or event that we organize for you, your team will move closer and closer together. Even after the first training you will already notice big improvements.

Thanks to specially trained and certified team trainers BITOU offers optimal conditions to make this team training become a full success.  

Team training - How we understand it

Picture team training as a concept like a tree. Your company grows out if its roots, which are represented by each and every individual of your team, the basis so to speak. The trunk stands for the team as a whole, generating strength and growth. The top of the tree symbolizes its success, the fruits and what the tree produces to attract many birds, symbolic for your customers.

The fundament of the company lies in each employee, that works for the team with responsibility and authenticity and pushes it forward. The tree is an ongoing cycle. The more connected the roots, the stronger the trunk. The stronger the trunk, the more efficient and productive the top with its fruits. The fuller the top, the more nutrients heading back to the roots.

So if you want your tree, symbolizing your company, to remain healthy and successful, your basis lies in your individuals, your roots. Start here with nurturing and supporting development, so that your tree can strive to its full potential.

BITOU team trainings support and foster you in exactly this process. Instead of only focusing on the team as a whole, we take care of all three of these areas, because they all depend on each other to remain stable and sustainable. For us authenticity and personal development are on the same page as teamwork and team development in order to increase your company's success.

Our head trainer Sonja Zitzmann and her team is looking forward to working with you in a team training!

BITOU team trainings will develop your team

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