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"Consequences of digitalisation: Robots will replace half of all German jobs (Folge der Digitalisierung: Roboter ersetzen die Hälfte aller deutschen Arbeitsplätze)" (, 27.03.2017) 

"Industry 4.0 is endangering women’s jobs (Industrie 4.0 gefährdet Jobs von Frauen)" (, 22.01.2018)

"Smart Cities: one in five cities is already finding solutions using the Internet of Things (Smart Cities: Bereits jede fünfte Stadt hat Lösungen im Internet of Things eingeführt)" (Wirtschaftswoche, 17.11.2017)

These, among countless other headlines, are creating uncertainty for many employees. The 4.0 industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, means the digitalisation of the world of work and the introduction of networked working. 

Digitalisation, and the growing interconnectedness is causes, presents new opportunities for business. Customer requirements can met with more bespoke solutions, resources can be conserved, and costs reduced.

Where do people fit in the new digital, connected world?

"Teambuilding 4.0" is the answer to Industry 4.0. Our building blocks allow your team to experience the new opportunities digitalisation creates.

We playfully train skills that will allow your team to move forwards in a digital working environment. Tools we use include: tablets, smart devices, programmable robots, 3D printers, modern working methods such as flexible working and flexible leadership, as well as creative methods. Creativity, spontaneity and effective communication are human core competencies, which no robot can replace.

Our trained team trainers and experts make the importance of people clear using playful methods, and encourage your team to be enthusiastic about changes and the Internet of Things (IoT). " Use our Teambuilding 4.0 building blocks, and make your team enthusiastic about change"

""Use our Teambuilding 4.0 building blocks, and make your team enthusiastic about change.""

Advantages For You

  • All building blocks can be freely combined
  • Select the topics relevant to your company within each building block

  • Recognising opportunity creates enthusiasm for change
  • External experts ensure easier acceptance from your team

Block "Keynote Speech"

The Keynote Speech functions as a door-opener, so to speak. It is an independent module which introduces your staff to changes that may occur in the course of digitalisation and prepares your team for Work 4.0.

Companies can set their own focus points with regard to content in Event 4.0, as well as adding company specific language to the speech. 

BITOU places value on convincing even sceptics, by approaching polarising topics from different perspectives. This both shows awareness of conflict, and demonstrates that opportunities can emerge from change. Our use of recent innovations (for example, VR glasses), builds listener interest in these new technologies. Our anonymous questionnaire allows you to see immediately what your own stance is and how it compares to that of others within your organisation.

Keynote Speech

Block "digital game-based learning"

You can freely choose from different modules in our digital game-based learning selection, allowing you to introduce your staff to the topics which are a priority for your company. For example:

  • Digitalisation 4.0
  • Flexible Working
  • Flexible Leadership
  • Culture Change in Your Business
  • Accountability
  • Healthy Working
  • Man and Machine
  • Team 4.0
  • Data Security
  • ...

Personalised modules are also available!

digital game-based learning module

Block "Chain Reaction® 4.0"

Flexibility, creativity and communication - these are the human core competencies in Work 4.0.

Encourage the flexibility, creativity and communication skills of your staff with an Active Element 4.0. For example, how about activating a “Chain Reaction 4.0”?

Allow your staff to experience the most up-to-date digital technology in a playful environment, while also training networked thinking outside of the day-to-day work routine. 

Select the best Active Element for you out of several different modules.

chain reaction 4.0

Digitalisation Workshop

Digitalisation Workshop brings all the modules of Teambuilding 4.0 together. This includes exchange of opinions and information, and playful experiences – using both digital and analogue media. BITOU creates a short but varied experience, which uses all the senses and encourages positive associations with modern digital technology, with the goal of preparing your team for Work 4.0.

Digitalisation workshop

We will be happy to give detailed consultations!

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