ditigal game-based learning on topics of work 4.0

Your building block for gamification. Introduce your staff members to the topics that are important to you using a light-hearted and playful approach. These include:

  • Digitalisation 4.0
  • Flexible Working
  • Flexible Leadership
  • Culture Change in Your Business
  • Accountability
  • Healthy Working
  • Man and Machine
  • Team 4.0
  • Data Security

Tip: You can combine the “Game Based Learning” building block with our other Teambuilding 4.0 elements.

Advantages For You

  • Multimedia used to convey information 
  • Cross-media game play adds depth to the contents
  • Transparent discussion results
  • Forward-thinking knowledge transfer in your day-to-day 
  • Company-specific module creation
  • Flexible and freely scalable

Agenda: digital game-based learning

In order to keep participants attentive and motivated, the contents of this course are repackaged into an appropriate storyline. Our game uses videos, text and images to present topics and contents cross-medially and entertainingly, reliably helping reduce any reservations and inhibitions participants may have. Participants can slide into roles in the game, allowing them to put skills learned during the course into practice right away.

Stimulating communication and transparent results
digital game-based learning can easily be carried out at training courses and events in different locations using tablets. The tablet initiates a topic-specific conversation on pre-defined subjects. The knowledge base and opinions of your staff are revealed through multiple choice tests. When questions are answered correctly, the tablet gives praise as well as immediate feedback. Using documentation and analysis tools, the game allows you to track differences between different teams or departments.

BITOU enables company-specific contents:
BITOU creates the games used in this course in-house. We offer basic pre-made modules on different topics under the umbrellas of digitalisation, Industry 4.0 or Work 4.0, for example: Flexible Working, Flexible Leadership, Culture Change in Your Business, as well as many others. These basic modules can be adapted to contain your desired content, in order to provide your staff with specialist knowledge. 

Consistent high quality:
digital game-based learning is not location specific, and can be scaled to work for almost any group size without any loss of quality with BITOU. Companies can be sure that all participants company-wide get the same input and achieve similar results.

Services For You: digital game-based learning

  • For each team: necessary technical materials (for example, tablet computers, laser keyboards, role-playing cards, game board etc.) are provided.
  • Trained BITOU trainers and guides will give a thorough consultation, organise the event, and carry it out in full: you can rely on us to make your “business game” a success.
  • Location scouting 
  • Any expenses incurred by the staff are included with BITOU, apart from accommodation expenses.  
  • Follow-up discussion

Additional Services

  • Professional photography/video recording of the event
  • Professional feedback from our team trainers

Duration: 1-2 hours
No. of participants: 40-3000
Location: Entire EU and Switzerland: we are happy to come to your preferred location. Language: German, English
Price: upon request Prices depend on the number of participants, the date, and availability.
Bookable: all year

Can be flexibly combined with the following building blocks:

We will be happy to give a detailed consultation on digital game-based-learning!

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