Digitalisation workshop

Where will our journey towards a more digitalised world take us? This question is asked not only in our private lives but also at work. Our Awareness Day allows a light-hearted and playful introduction to this topic.

Discover the value of people in the age of digitalisation, and seize the opportunities it offers! Create enthusiasm for change in your team, and bring it forward on your journey into the future. 

Awareness Day combines elements from Teambuilding 4.0: the Keynote Speech on digitalisation, “digital game-based learning at work 4.0”, as well as an Active Element 4.0. These are complemented by a comprehensive evaluation.

Advantages For You

  • Learn with diversified teaching methods
  • Experience a light-hearted approach to analogue and digital media 
  • Get to know new innovations
  • Recieve a transparent analysis of digitalisation 
  • Adaptation of Digitalisation workshop for your needs

Agenda: Digitalistion workshop

Digitalisation workshop combines all the Teambuilding 4.0 modules, with the addition of a comprehensive evaluation and contemplation session. Take the first step towards digitalisation together with your team. Recognise the advantages and opportunities that digitalisation brings. Digitalisation workshop is designed to bring all your staff to the same level, helping to create a foundation for increased acceptance of digitalisation in your team.

Our cross-media concept will help you get to know different aspects of digitalisation on different levels. Familiar analogue media combines with new and innovative digital media to create an easy, playful introduction to this topic. The modular system we employ allows you to select different building blocks from Active Element 4.0 and digital game-based learning, in order to perfectly match the challenges you face within your company. 

Over the course of the day we plan for moments of discussion and communication. This allows you to hear everyone’s point of view, and ensures that every opinion gets heard.

Services For You: Digitalisation workshop

  • Includes all services provided by the Keynote Speech, digital game-based learning and an Active Element 4.0 (i.e. Chain Reaction 4.0)
  • In addition: comprehensive evaluation, in which your goals, as well as methods to achieve these goals in your company, are discussed.
  • Trained BITOU trainers and guides will give a thorough consultation, organise the event, and carry it out in full.
  • Location scouting 
  • Any expenses incurred by the staff are included with BITOU, apart from accommodation expenses.
  • Follow-up discussion    

Additional Services

  • Professional photography/video recording of the event
  • Digitalisation workshop as comprehensive teambuilding over 2 days

Duration: 1 day (around 8 hours incl. breaks)
No. of participants: 5-50
Location: Entire EU and Switzerland: we are happy to come to your preferred location.
Language: German
Price: upon request
Prices depend on the number of participants, the date, and availability.
Bookable: all year

Digitalisation workshop includes all 3 building blocks as well as a comprehensive evaluation

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