Are you looking for trainees for you apprenticeship, that know their strengths and are able to fully apply them? That work motivated and responsible? Trainees that are able to integrate into the team with their full potential and fulfill tasks and goals easily and with results?

If so, then our training for trainees is perfect for you.

For many trainees the switch from school into work life includes difficulties. They cannot fully adapt into their teams with all their potential and therefore don't really serve as a drive towards the future of your company. It is important to establish a network of likeminded people in the company so that knowledge exchange and common growth can take place. In this process of development participants really learn what team work means and how it works best.

Our trainings for trainees are a great opportunity for you to transmit the expectations of your company to your trainees. To do them justice and start working on new tasks with enthusiasm and enhancement, we will concentrate on the strengths of each individual. What potential is already in each of these trainees?

Using fun and shared experiences we will convey what is most important to your youngest members.  Everyone gets to define their own motivation and will look at their different stages of development.

Not only as a participant is this information of great importance, but also you as a team leader or boss receive valuable information to use in the upcoming time at work.

Content and Services

Content that will be transmitted

  • Creating a good foundation for team work (trust, skills in communication, responsibility, getting to know positions in the team, leadership, etc.)
  • Fostering the network of trainees and a sense of feeling connected
  • Establishing rules for the apprenticeship
  • Identification process with the company (Values, goals, vision, philosophy)
  • Talking about the switch between school and work
  • Guidance in the time of the apprenticeship (own visions and goals, wishes, motivation)
  • The opportunity to use your full potential in the apprenticeship
  • Establishing a buddy system (to support each other in the process)

Services in the training:

  • Leadership by an experienced trainer
  • Theoretical foundations
  • Practical exercise and games to further develop the group dynamics
  • Coaching tools to find strengths and places for progress of each of the participants

Recommended activ parts