Talk to Survive


Together you rise to the challenge

The teams are split up in two parties: One gets a tablet with a virtual bomb on it, the other is in posession of the defusing-instruction. You can succeed only by exchanging information within the team. Are you able to communicate clearly and solve the problem ahead of time? The clock is ticking...

It is the combination of fun and thrill that makes Talk to Survive a unique team experience which improves your communication in the long term.


  • indoor
  • 8 - 3000
  • approx. 1 h
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
  • starting at 29,- €

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In small teams of 2-6 people you get a tablet and an instruction. One half of the team is responsible for the tablet, on which a virtual bomb is visible. The other half gets the defusing-instruction for the bomb. The latter are looking for the right instructions, while the defusers describe the construction and follow the instructions given orally by their teammates. It is essential that all members of the team communicate clearly and precisely.

During this exciting teamevent you improve the communication within your team in seven levels. However, not only the learning effect is important, but also the fun. Therefore the event is perfect as a loosening of a meeting or a Christmas party.


  • Tablet PC for each team  (for rent) with the nedded software
  • Photo documentation by our BITOU guides
  • Location scouting (1. Location-suggestion included in the price)
  • Extensive consultation, full organisation and implementation by trained BITOU staff, trainers and guides. You can be sure that your event will be a great success.
  • Travel costs and other expenses for personal are covered by BITOU, any overnight accommodation costs would be borne by you
  • Final feedback from our BITOU guides

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Group size: 8 - 3.000 people
Location availability: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe
Languages: German, English
Price: from 29 €
           depending on group size
Booking availability: throughout the year

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