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Chain reaction 4.0
6 – 3.000
120-180 minutes

Chain reaction 4.0

Ping! It rattles, clings, tugs and rings when hundreds of hands mesh together to build a 4.0 Chain Reaction. The whole room is full of funnels, tubes, balls, kitchen utensils, even robots are at work – and all colleagues work towards the same goal. At …
Highland Games
120-240 minutes

Highland Games

Tree trunk slalom, hay bale throwing, whisky tasting: a Highland Games company party supplies lot of momentum and entertainment in the company event. With BITOU, you receive the whole package: we take care of the complete organisation for you – Europe-wide. And you have your …
10 – 3.000
30 – 60 minutes


Haka is a ceremonial dance of the Maori people. It has become known through the New Zealand rugby team: the All Blacks, to gain the respect of their opponents before the beginning of the game, demonstrating power and unity. With body, voice and mimes, the …

Company trip ideas: classic, online, outdoors, CO2 neutral – and always unique!

Why a company trip?

What’s better than a team that knows and trusts each other? The annual company trip is the ideal opportunity for relaxed conversations. Private topics are also happily discussed with each other and everyone can be themselves!

Which company trip is appropriate for my team?

Something which sounds so simple can also demand a lot of brain work every now and then. If you are responsible for the planning in your company, then you know that: the perfect company trip can’t be too long or too short. It should surprise – but not too much. With an increasing period of time at a company, the expectations of colleagues grow: Mr. Mueller loves action, Ms. Maier wants a coffee party. As nice as it was last year at the bowling, the company trip can never be a copy of one before! And what happens if it rains?

Are you looking for inspiration and help deciding? We have put together some ideas for company trips here:

Classic company trip ideas: go outside!

The classic company trip takes place outdoors. Be active together, feel the fresh air around your ears and reach a joint goal together, this connects people.

If you are looking for a quieter alternative to a simple walk, we recommend “Bosseln”: the nordic team game is played with balls on a quiet path away from the busy roads.

Is it also possible to be rather adventurous? Then think about raft building – under the instruction of experienced team trainers, that goes without saying. For teams who love competition, geocaching or a team tab challenge are ideal as a company trip. Quizzing and stepping up against each other take place – in the open air and with a joint goal where you can celebrate, snack and barbecue.

Small tip: you can filter specifically for “outdoor events” in our event finder. Here, you’ll find suggestions for your company trip.

Are there any special group event ideas?

You know all of this already? Is there an anniversary or a special occasion? Or has the team deserved a special reward? Then make your company trip unforgettable – for example, a “Highland Games tournament” with tree trunk slalom, hay bale tossing and whiskey tasting!

If multiple teams in your company work from different locations, a hybrid team event as a company trip can also be suitable. Here, the teams are virtually connected with each other beyond the distance. They can come against each other – for example during an online quiz or a scavenger hunt – or build a chain reaction together, which is transmitted though online interfaces.


Does your team have new tasks in front of it? Does it need new energy and momentum? The company trip is a good possibility to allow team building impulses to flow. This can be in-depth, but should always remain positive! As the company trip is about community.

Begin your company trip with the Haka: the ceremonial dance of the Maoris became famous through the New Zealand rugby team the “All Blacks.” With bodies, voices and facial expressions, the team demonstrates team solidarity and strength.

What are good online alternatives to a company trip?

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be: the weather, the appointment pressure or a worldwide pandemic ruin your plans. However, the annual company trip should not be cancelled. Especially in these times, the appreciation of the team is particularly important.

As an online alternative to the company trip, joint cooking or cookie baking is suitable – everyone has the same recipes, the same ingredients and someone presents the event. Our special coffee break supports this thought, with this also comes an entertaining quiz.

If it can go on for a little longer, a criminal dinner is also an option. Here, the emphasis is placed on the communication of the team, as it is all about tiptoeing around each other and solving the fictional criminal case.

At “Auction Online” colleagues tell stories from their lives and auction a personal object. In comparison to a real company trip, the movement out in the fresh air is missing – but as a result, colleagues become a lot closer to each other.

Can I make the company trip sustainable?

You don’t think about it often, but: company parties and company trips can be pure CO2 spinners. This begins with travel to the event and stretches to the plastic cutlery. And on the topic of “cutlery,”: where does the catering actually come from?

So-called green events are committed to keeping the use of CO2 low. Depending on the structure of the company, hybrid events for these are also sought after. If no colleagues from the single locations travel for the company trip, but are rather connected virtually with each other, petrol is saved – and with this also time and money.

We at BITOU have examined all of our team events carefully and drastically reduced our resource consumption. An example of this is our soapbox racing: in former times, our soapboxes were disposable construction kits. Today they are reusable construction sets, only the broken parts are replaced. The only consumption: recycled corrugated board for decorating the sides and water soluble emulsion paint to paint the corrugated board.

We will happily advise you all on your green company trip. Just get in touch with us!

Further events

Find further events suitable for your company trip in our section “classics”.

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