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Impulses offer opportunities for positive change

An impulse is an internal or external stimulus that initiates change and development.

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Impulses for your next team meeting

  • Start your next team meeting with a short round of praise and recognition (everyone speaks a word of praise to the team)
  • Limit the speaking time for each contribution to e.g. 60 seconds
  • Swap places during the meeting and take a different perspective

Impulses for managers

  • Find out what motivates your closest employee most in private and start a conversation with him/her about it
  • Read the book “The 5 Languages of Employee Motivation” by Gary Chapman and Paul White
  • Bring something you have grown fond of to the next meeting with your employees and tell them a little anecdote about it
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Why do we see ourselves as a source of inspiration?

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An impulse is an internal or external stimulus that initiates change and development. It has a lasting effect, comparable to the spreading waves caused by a stone thrown into the water.

An impulse can bring people together to reach consensus, promote personal growth or change the direction of an object or process. It invites people to leave their comfort zone, show courage and can serve as a catalyst for waking up to new realities or methods.

Impulses can set static systems in motion, stimulate reflection and a change of perspective or even be understood as an energetic transfer. They serve to question the status quo, introduce new ideas or start processes in teams. An impulse can also occur as a temporary measure that activates a group in order to set innovations in motion. In essence, an impulse gets something going with the intention of ultimately bringing about positive change.

How does BITOU bring impetus to your team?

BITOU revitalizes your team with dynamic impulses through the concept of playful learning, both on an individual level and within the entire company. Our approach includes:

  • 1. personal advice:

    Targeted consulting is at the heart of our strategy. We strive to understand and meet your specific objectives – whether it is the promotion of a sense of community and appreciation among employees or the specific development of individuals and teams in areas such as collaboration, communication, process optimization, leadership qualities and psychological safety. If desired, we can provide valuable input for the selection and design of your event as early as the planning phase.

  • 2. goal-oriented preparation:

    Through precise preliminary discussions with our experienced facilitators and trainers, we ensure that the planned measures are perfectly aligned with your objectives. We offer you ideas and insights on how you can optimize the learning and fun experiences of your participants.

  • 3. creating an environment of trust:

    Each of our events begins with the deliberate setting of initial impulses to promote an atmosphere of well-being and mutual trust.

  • 4. committed implementation:

    With a variety of appealing activities and content, we inspire participants and provide lasting impetus for positive development. Our moderators are aware of current moods and adapt their moderation impulses on an ad hoc basis. This creates a playful and relaxed atmosphere that is nevertheless serious enough for all participants to take away new ideas for their day-to-day work.

5. transfer to everyday working life:

The focus on further development means transferring what has been experienced, learned and felt into everyday working life in order to bring about long-term positive changes through the impetus provided.


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Have we
aroused your interest?

BITOU stands for the holistic development of your team by combining playful learning with practical application in order to advance both the individual employee and the company as a whole.
We would like to make a brief addition: Even if the event is primarily geared towards fun and celebration, it is often important for participants to also be able to take away an inspiring thought and impulse. Be it just that they feel like they are part of this company, this team or this department. Don’t leave anything to chance at these events and use BITOU to set a conscious impulse.

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The most outstanding example of impulses from the BITOU portfolio are undoubtedly the original BITOU chain reactions, in which impulses are passed on in a clearly visible way. A single impulse can often have a significant effect on the overall result.
When was the last time a significant initial impulse was set in your company? Perhaps the introduction of a new product line or the development of a new market? Or to overcome a current crisis?
In addition to this initial impetus, committed employees in teams are always required to develop these ideas further, implement them and ultimately lead them to success.

Are you already familiar with Gary Chapman’s five languages of employee motivation? Why not give your colleagues a boost today by offering authentic praise or consciously taking the time to talk to them? If you would like to find out more about your colleagues’ motivators, we also recommend taking part in the BITOU Deep Sea Expedition.

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An “aha” moment can often provide the impetus to change ways of thinking, processes or behavior. If such experiences come too late, they may have already cost the company considerable resources. When working together in teams, we deliberately create “aha” moments in a playful environment. The BITOU Everest adventure offers precisely these targeted impulses to develop teams further.