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How International Exchange Gets Teams Further

Joint projects connect people. Often more so that their nationality! In the future, companies are going to work together more and more across borders. Strong teams are diverse, colourful, respectful. How can team development contribute – beyond cultures, borders and distances?

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Team events without cultural barriers

Together with our partners throughout the whole of Europe, we develop offers and events for international teams. A few thoughts on this:

  • Online and hybrid team events are gaining increased meaning
  • Getting to know each other in a lively, loose environment opens hearts and souls
  • Success in international markets requires strong, international teams
  • International teams need methods in order to stay in contact

BITOU team events make the initial, loose, lively, getting to know each other process easier. This happens “barrier free”, independently of language or cultural features. We have deliberately created our offers for international teams so very different people can bring their strengths to the table.

International teams need methods to sustainably network and to stay in contact. We will convey these to you or work on them together with your colleagues. We offer creative, exciting and reflective impulses such as “value workshops”. In addition to this, we also offer ”cultural workshops“ within our partner networks in Europe to understand each other more deeply.

We also live international exchange!

Our team is also internationally networked: a few years ago, we began to connect with other team event companies within Europe. We deliberately wanted to set an example for diversity. And we also want to live the experience and deeply understand the products that we offer our customers.

  • We regularly meet with team event companies from all over Europe to exchange experiences and to jointly fine tune working methods.
  • Due to the requests of our customers, we have already carried out events in Lisbon, Prag, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich and Paris.
  • We are always developing team events further that promote mutual understanding, and analyse the chances the hybrid and online team events offer for international team building.

This is how we help you, our customers, to make international teams work better together. Your success is based on joint experience, emotional connection – and it is exactly this that we bring into the teams with our impulses!

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