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Chain Reaction, the team event –
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Ping! It rattles, clinks, clatters and rings when hundreds of hands mesh together to build a chain reaction. The whole room is full of funnels, tubes, balls, kitchen utensils, even robots are at work – and all of the colleagues pull together. At the end of the »team event Chain Reaction« only one impulse is needed in order to set the whole room in motion for the brilliant finale.

Chain reaction as a team event – what is that exactly?

Something which sounds like a chemistry lesson is an experiment. Not a scientific one, but a social one: how do we manage to work together as a team so precisely, that at the end of the day only a tiny impulse is needed to bring a whole chain of events into motion and to captivate every single link of the chain.

At the beginning of the team event, the most diverse objects lie ready on the material buffet, such as pipes, balls, rolls, wheels, wooden pieces, motors, ropes, model trains, vacuum cleaners, funnels, tubes and much, much more! Also tools, robots or 3D printers can be built in!

Now, every colleague chooses their favourite materials and begins to build their section of the Chain Reaction. Colleagues work meticulously, sensitively and creatively. The higher the number of participants, the higher the scepticism whether the Chain Reaction will really work at the end. Does everything fit? Will all of the chain links connect into each other? With this however, there is an even stronger cheer and us-feeling when the last reaction at the end triggers a firework display or a magnum of champagne opens.

What can teams take away from this?

Chain Reaction is a tremendously charming team event. Here, everyone inevitably uses their strengths, whether it is through puzzling, coordination, trying things out. Through this, it is quickly visible who has what strengths – this is an ideal beginning for the reflection later in the team.

Multiple departments or even whole companies can take part. In order for the Chain Reaction to really work beyond the whole room, the teams have to communicate well amongst themselves. Like in real working life!

BITOU offers different variations of the Chain Reaction as a team event. Depending on the variant that you choose, you can highlight different aspects of team work – or just have the great experience of being together! The team building experts and presenters from BITOU advise you extensively on the choice of your Chain Reaction and support you in leading the discussion.


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Already knew

  • How many participants can build a Chain Reaction?

At our longest ever Chain Reaction 2.000 colleagues puzzled and built together. At this event, not only was a long Chain Reaction built as normal, but three strands, which all joint into one strand at the end. The joining together stood symbolically for the beginning of the new department – three areas were put together for it.

  • How much space do we need to plan in?

Plan 2 m² of space per participant. The Chain Reaction can take place indoors or outdoors. Upon request, BITOU can take on the location search for you.

  • Who invented Chain Reaction as a team event?

Chain Reaction is a registered trademark from BITOU – and a real crowd pleaser! We have offered this team event classic for multiple years in different variants.

What are the different variants of the Chain Reaction?

Chain Reaction Compact
60-90 minutes
Face to Face

Chain Reaction Compact

How do you reduce a team down to the bare minimum, so that an us-feeling arises in no time, colleagues work together creatively – and at the same time, the use of materials is as low as possible, so that no waste is produced? Our …
Chain Reaction XXL
6 – 3.000
60-180 minutes
Face to Face

Chain Reaction XXL

The term “Chain Reaction” reminds many of their chemistry lessons. But with this event, it’s not about a scientific experiment, but a social one: will we manage to work so precisely with a team as big as 3000 colleagues that it ultimately only takes a …
Chain Reaction Hybrid
8 – 3.000
90-180 minutes

Chain Reaction Hybrid

What is better than a team that mutually knows and trusts each other? When all hands mesh together, when individual work steps work without a hitch – the outstanding results emerge which everyone can be proud of. The team event Chain Reaction makes exactly this …
Chain reaction remote
60-180 minutes

Chain reaction remote

Ping! A chain reaction has to clatter, ring, beep and rustle. The noisy setting is simply part of this fun-filled team event. The team builds a mechanical construction out of funnels, tubes, balls and kitchen utensils. The aim is to finally set the chain in …