Chain Reaction XXL – team building for the whole company

  • 6 – 3.000
  • 60-180 minutes
  • Face to Face
The term “Chain Reaction” reminds many of their chemistry lessons. But with this event, it’s not about a scientific experiment, but a social one: will we manage to work so precisely with a team as big as 3000 colleagues that it ultimately only takes a tiny impulse to put a whole chain reaction in motion, and to captivate every single link. In the figurative sense, it is then about the “chemistry being right”…
Chain Reaction XXL
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The concept behind

The team event “Chain Reaction” is a registered trademark of BITOU. It is here that everyone inevitably puts their strengths into action, whether it’s puzzling, coordinating, or trying out: with funnels, tubes, balls, kitchen utensils, and yes, even robots, the colleagues jointly build a chain reaction. The special feature of the XXL version: multiple departments or even whole companies can take part. The group is split into small teams, each one gets their own construction stage.

With the sensation of your fingertips and creativity, you’ll puzzle and build. The larger the amount of participants, the higher the scepticism whether the chain reaction will really work – and the higher the excitement during the team event. Does everything fit? Will all of the links attach to each other? At the end, the team spirit is all the more powerful when the last reaction sets off a firework or a magnum of champagne is opened

In order for the chain reaction to really work through the whole room, there must be good communication amongst the teams. Like in real working life! Read more in our blog post

The material

We provide a variety of materials for you for the XXL-Chain Reaction, such as pipes, balls, roles, wheels, wooden pieces, motors, ropes, model trains, vacuum cleaners, funnels, tubes and much, much more. Tools can also be rented within the programme. Do you have any special requests? Let us know!

The record

Our biggest XXL-Chain Reaction yet had 1823 participants. It took place in the Messe Berlin. All of the BITOU branches came together for the team event in order to help with the organisation.

How do we find the right location?

The XXL-Chain Reaction can take place indoors and outdoors. You should plan in 2 m² of space per participant.

Now possible as a hybrid event!

You can now book the team building classic as a hybrid event: smaller groups in different places come together, their respective parts of the chain reaction are connected to each other through an online interface. This is how the domino effect overcomes the physical distance without time delay. This makes the result even more fascinating!

Do you want to optimize processes with your team, change framework conditions or introduce an agile mindset and agile skills?

Then take a look at our Chain Reaction 4.0!

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  • 6 – 3.000
  • 60-180 minutes
  • Face to Face
  • Germany, EU and Switzerland (we will happily come to your place of choice)
  • Year round
  • German, English
  • Additional offer: photo or video documentation for your sustainable reflection in your team
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