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New products

The team world is subject to rapid change, just like the entire economy. It is a matter of adapting teamwork quickly, continuously training employees and readjusting processes. Even if the principles of cooperation, communication and psychological safety do not change significantly, these also need to be constantly readjusted and practiced. Last but not least, teams change simply due to new recruits and departures. We at BITOU are therefore constantly developing our team events and team development activities and incorporate the latest scientific findings and our day-to-day experience of supporting teams from all over Europe.

Find out more about our latest products:

On thin ICE: Product launch April 2024

BITOU on thin ice Teamentwicklung

Teams today are constantly faced with major challenges that require a high level of efficiency in communication and coordination. This is particularly emphasized in a team building simulation that recreates an expedition to Antarctica – a pristine and extremely challenging environment.

The simulation “On thin ICE” emphasizes the importance of active information sharing and close cooperation within the team in order to successfully achieve goals. The experience in Antarctica, a world of natural forces, snow and ice, tests not only physical endurance, but also the ability to communicate and lead effectively in extreme conditions.

Code Crackers: Product launch April 2024

“Code Crackers” is an escape game that promotes teamwork and creativity in a competitive working environment. It combines agile methods with fun to break through traditional thinking and unleash creative potential.

The game strengthens communication within the team and celebrates the ability to solve problems under pressure while providing a joyful team experience.

BITOU code crackers Teamevent

Team Olympics: Product launch March 2024


Enrich your company event with a variety of ten different team disciplines that not only provide entertainment and fun, but also strengthen the sense of togetherness.

Experience BITOU’s unique Team Olympics, where the classic 10-man competition meets the dynamics of modern teamwork!
Take part in an exciting competition in which ten carefully selected disciplines not only challenge your physical abilities such as strength, endurance and speed, but also test your mental agility, strategic thinking and teamwork skills.