On thin ICE - the core of teamwork

  • 5 – 500
  • 150 - 240 min
  • Hybrid | Face to Face
Teams today face considerable challenges and often have to navigate on thin ice. In this team-building simulation, effective communication and coordination are of central importance. It is essential that teams actively share information and cooperate closely in order to successfully achieve common goals.
main topics:
On thin ICE – the core of teamwork

Imagine embarking on an expedition to Antarctica, one of the last untouched places on earth. This journey is not only a physical challenge, but also a test of your ability to work, communicate and lead in extreme conditions. You will join us in a world of snow and ice, where the forces of nature reign supreme and the beauty of the landscape is as breathtaking as it is merciless.

Crossing the Southern Ocean: Our journey begins with the crossing of the rough, stormy Southern Ocean. This is where your ability to work together is immediately put to the test. The crew must function as a unit. Communication is crucial, because every command, every action counts when it comes to navigating the wild waters.

Setting up camp: After arriving on the Antarctic continent, the next challenge begins: setting up your camp. This phase requires precise planning and efficient action. Everyone in the team has a specific role. Leadership is crucial to keep morale high and the team focused. Adaptability is also important, as the extreme conditions may require quick changes to the plan.

Research missions: Now the core of your expedition begins – the research missions. You and your team set out to find key research points and collect data critical to understanding climate change and Antarctic ecosystems. Working in the Antarctic wilderness requires seamless collaboration and deep trust in the abilities of each team member. The leader here must provide a clear vision while being flexible enough to respond to unforeseen events.

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Reflection and return: After completing your missions and with the start of your return journey, you have time to reflect on the experiences you have made. The lessons learned about communication, leadership and teamwork are valuable treasures to take back to your everyday life. Antarctica teaches us that in extreme situations, the human spirit, the ability to adapt and the collective pursuit of a common goal can lead us through the toughest of trials.

This journey to Antarctica is more than just a physical expedition; it is a metaphor for the challenges and triumphs that can occur in any team or organization. The lessons learned here are universally applicable and show that with the right attitude, preparation and teamwork, even the most inhospitable environments can be overcome.

Communication objectives

In extreme situations, clear, open and effective communication is essential. Every team member must be aware of their role and expectations. Misunderstandings can lead to serious mistakes, so it is important that communication is both precise and transparent.

Learning effect Cooperation

The ability to work closely together in a spirit of trust is crucial. This means that each team member not only understands their own tasks, but is also willing to help others when necessary. Such cooperation is built on mutual trust and an understanding of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding leadership

Good leadership is critical to guiding a team through challenges. This includes the ability to boost morale, provide clear direction and make decisions with the best interests of the whole team in mind. In extreme situations, leadership often needs to be flexible, leaders must be willing to adapt their strategies to respond to changing conditions.


Specific feedback and reflection on performance during this simulation are important to promote continuous improvement. This includes both individual performance evaluations and the evaluation of the team’s overall performance.

In our Hollywood version of the Antarctic expedition “On thin ICE”, we transform the experience by combining the breathtaking and merciless atmosphere of Antarctica with the magic of the scenery and acoustics. The participants are not only physically, but also emotionally, acoustically and visually transported into a world that blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction.

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  • 5 – 500
  • 150 - 240 min
  • Hybrid | Face to Face
  • Europe
  • German, English
  • 1 m2 per participant, at least 30 m2
  • Year round

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